NFL Scoring Reached Record Highs in 2013
NFL Scoring Reached Record Highs in 2013


A record 11,985 points were scored in 2013, with games averaging 46.81 points, the highest average in NFL history (46.48 in 1948).

The seasons with the most points scored and highest per-game scoring average in NFL history:


Year Total Points Year Points Per Game/th>
Source: NFL


"This is an offensive league," says Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. "People like to see points scored, although defensive coaches don't. You have to try to find a way to slow those offenses down. You have a mindset that you've got to score ‘X' number of points, and then on defense you've got to hold a team to ‘X' number of points to have a chance. But that number, it is rising."

Defensive coaches aren't the only ones feeling the pressure. Regardless of the score, offenses know they have to aggressively aim for the end zone on each possession.

"It's starting to feel like if you don't score a touchdown every time you get the ball, you're losing serve," says Minnesota Vikings guard Charlie Johnson.

In all, 1,338 total touchdowns were scored, surpassing the league-wide record of 1,297, which occurred in 2012.


Year Touchdowns
Source: NFL


Led by the AFC champion Denver Broncos, who finished 13-3 and scored an NFL-record 606 points in 2013, many of the NFL's top-scoring offenses translated those points into wins.

Eleven teams scored at least 400 points -- topping the previous record of nine in 2008 and 2012. Those 11 teams combined for a .668 winning percentage and nine qualified for the playoffs.


Year Touchdowns
Source: NFL *Playoff team
New England*44412-4-0.750
Kansas City*43011-5-0.688
Green Bay*4178-7-1.531
New Orleans*41411-5-0.688
San Francisco*40612-4-0.750


Nine teams won 11 or more games last year, tied for the second-most in a season in NFL history -- Denver (13), Seattle (13), Carolina (12), New England (12), San Francisco (12), Cincinnati (11), Indianapolis (11), Kansas City (11) and New Orleans (11).

A record 10 teams won 11 or more games in 2005.


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NFL Scoring Reached Record Highs in 2013