NFL 2014: Turnovers Key To Victory
NFL 2014: Turnovers Key To Victory


What is one of the secrets to success in the NFL? Winning the turnover battle certainly ranks high on the list.

"It's been our main theme and our approach for as long as I can remember," says Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll about the importance of winning the turnover battle. "The team hears it every week. It's a constant emphasis that makes the point that you have to be great at taking care of the ball and you have to go after if you want to determine wins, because it usually works out that way."

Last season, the top six teams in net turnover differential -- Seattle (+20), Kansas City (+18), Indianapolis (+13), Philadelphia (+12), San Francisco (+12) and Carolina (+11) -- made the playoffs and combined for a 69-27 record (.718).


Team Takeaways Giveaways Differential Record
Source: NFL
*Made playoffs
Kansas City*3618+1811-5
San Francisco*3018+1212-4


The Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seahawks (below) recorded a +20 turnover differential last year, the highest of any of the previous 10 Super Bowl winners. The Seahawks' turnover differential is also tied for the fourth-best margin by any Super Bowl winning team in NFL history.


The best turnover differential by a Super Bowl winner:

Season Team Super Bowl Differential
Source: NFL
1981San FranciscoXVI+23
1990New York GiantsXXV+20


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NFL 2014 - Turnovers Key To Victory