by NFL Reporter Dean Michaels

NFL Playoff Best Performances and Playoff Records

The NFL regular season is behind us and it's time for the 'Super Season' to kick off.

This season's NFL playoffs begin on Saturday and Sunday, January 4-5, with Wild Card Weekend. On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs play at the Indianapolis Colts (NBC, 4:35 PM ET) and the New Orleans Saints visit the Philadelphia Eagles (NBC, 8:10 PM ET). Wild Card Weekend continues Sunday with the San Diego Chargers at the Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, 1:05 PM ET) and the San Francisco 49ers traveling to face the Green Bay Packers (FOX, 4:40 PM ET).

The following week (January 11-12), the Denver Broncos (Sunday, CBS, 4:40 PM ET) and New England Patriots (Saturday, CBS, 8:15 PM ET) in the AFC and the Seattle Seahawks (Saturday, FOX, 4:35 PM ET) and Carolina Panthers (Sunday, FOX, 1:05 PM ET) in the NFC host the Divisional Playoffs.

The Broncos and Seahawks own home-field advantage for the Conference Championship Games (January 19) if they win their Divisional contests.

The 2014 Pro Bowl will be played Sunday, January 26 in Honolulu, Hawaii followed by Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2 at MetLife Stadium.

Here's a look at the NFL playoff records, best postseason statistics and great single game performances in NFL playoff history

Fresh Faces & Consistent Winners Highlight Playoff Field

There are five new playoff teams in 2013: Carolina, Kansas City, New Orleans, Philadelphia and San Diego.

Since the 12-team playoff format was adopted in 1990, at least five teams have qualified for the playoffs in every season that were not in the postseason the year before.

The teams since 1990 to make the playoffs a season after failing to qualify:

Season Teams
Source: NFL
19907 (Bengals, Bears, Chiefs, Raiders, Dolphins, Saints, Washington)
19915 (Falcons, Cowboys, Broncos, Lions, Jets)
19926 (Dolphins, Vikings, Eagles, Steelers, Chargers, 49ers)
19935 (Broncos, Lions, Packers, Raiders, Giants)
19945 (Bears, Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Chargers)
19954 (Falcons, Bills, Colts, Eagles)
19965 (Panthers, Broncos, Jaguars, Vikings, Patriots)
19975 (Lions, Chiefs, Dolphins, Giants, Bucs)
19985 (Cardinals, Falcons, Bills, Cowboys, Jets)
19997 (Lions, Colts, Rams, Seahawks, Bucs, Titans, Washington)
20006 (Ravens, Broncos, Saints, Giants, Raiders, Eagles)
20016 (Bears, Packers, Patriots, Jets, Steelers, 49ers)
20025 (Falcons, Browns, Colts, Giants, Titans)
20038 (Ravens, Panthers, Cowboys, Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots, Rams, Seahawks)
20045 (Falcons, Vikings, Jets, Steelers, Chargers)
20057 (Panthers, Bears, Bengals, Jaguars, Giants, Bucs, Washington)
20067 (Ravens, Cowboys, Chiefs, Saints, Jets, Eagles, Chargers)
20076 (Packers, Jaguars, Steelers, Bucs, Titans, Washington)
20087 (Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, Panthers, Dolphins, Vikings, Eagles)
20096 (Bengals, Cowboys, Packers, Patriots, Saints, Jets)
20105 (Falcons, Bears, Chiefs, Steelers, Seahawks)
20116 (Bengals, Broncos, Lions, Houston, Giants, 49ers)
20124 (Colts, Vikings, Seahawks, Washington)
20135 (Panthers, Chiefs, Saints, Eagles, Chargers)


In the 12 seasons since realignment in 2002, 28 of the 32 NFL teams have won a division title at least once.

How the 2013 playoff teams have fared in the 12 seasons since realignment in 2002:

Team Division Titles Playoff Berths
Source: NFL
New England1010
Green Bay79
San Diego56
New Orleans35
Kansas City24


The Carolina Panthers (NFC South) and Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East) rebounded to win their respective divisions after finishing in last place or tied for last in 2012.

This marked the NFL-record 11th consecutive season that at least one team went from "worst-to-first" in its division.

The NFL teams to go from "worst-to-first" in their divisions since 2003:

Season Team Record Prior Season
Advanced To/th>
Source: NFL *Tied for last place
2003Carolina11-57-9Super Bowl XXXVIII
2003Kansas City13-38-8*Divisional Playoffs
2004Atlanta11-55-11NFC Championship
2004San Diego12-44-12*Wild Card Playoffs
2005Chicago11-55-11Divisional Playoffs
2005Tampa Bay11-55-11Wild Card Playoffs
2006Baltimore13-36-10*Divisional Playoffs
2006New Orleans10-63-13NFC Championship
2006Philadelphia10-66-10Divisional Playoffs
2007Tampa Bay9-74-12Wild Card Playoffs
2008Miami11-51-15Wild Card Playoffs
2009New Orleans13-38-8Won Super Bowl XLIV
2010Kansas City10-64-12Wild Card Playoffs
2011Denver8-84-12Divisional Playoffs
2011Houston10-66-10*Divisional Playoffs
2012Washington10-65-11Wild Card Playoffs


The NFL 2013 field also showcases teams that have enjoyed recent postseason success.

Since realignment in 2002, the Indianapolis Colts have been to the playoffs 11 times, the most in the NFL. The New England Patriots are second with 10 postseason berths and the Green Bay Packers rank third with nine playoff appearances.

The NFL teams with the most playoff appearances since 2002 (includes 2013):

Team Appearances
Source: NFL *In 2013 postseason
Indianapolis Colts11*
New England Patriots10*
Green Bay Packers9*
Philadelphia Eagles8*
Seattle Seahawks8*


Four of this season's 12 playoff teams have won at least one Super Bowl since 2000, capturing six of the past 13 Vince Lombardi Trophies. Those teams are Green Bay (XLV), Indianapolis (XLI), New England (XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX) and New Orleans (XLIV).

Super Bowl Season Winner
Source: NFL *In 2013 postseason
XXXVI2001New England*
XXXVII2002Tampa Bay
XXXVIII2003New England*
XXXIX2004New England*
XLII2007New York Giants
XLIV2009New Orleans*
XLV2010Green Bay*
XLVI2011New York Giants


All-Time Playoffs

The Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs for the 29th time, the third-most postseason appearances in NFL history.

The NFL teams with the most seasons participating in the playoffs (includes 2013):

Team Playoff Berths
Source: NFL *In 2013 playoffs
New York Giants31
Dallas Cowboys30
Green Bay Packers*29
Minnesota Vikings27
Pittsburgh Steelers27
St. Louis Rams27


The 12 playoff teams and their postseason records:

Team Wins Losses Pct
Source: NFL
Green Bay Packers3018.625
Carolina Panthers64.600
San Francisco 49ers2819.596
New England Patriots2417.585
Denver Broncos1817.514
Philadelphia Eagles1920.487
Indianapolis Colts1921.475
New Orleans Saints68.429
Seattle Seahawks912.429
San Diego Chargers1016.385
Kansas City Chiefs814.364
Cincinnati Bengals511.313



Team Wins Losses Pct
Source: NFL
Green Bay Packers84.667
San Diego Chargers42.667
San Francisco 49ers32.600
Philadelphia Eagles77.500
Indianapolis Colts46.400
New Orleans Saints25.286
Kansas City Chiefs26.250
Cincinnati Bengals15.167



Team Wins Losses Pct
Source: NFL
Carolina Panthers31.750
New England Patriots106.625
Denver Broncos85.615
Seattle Seahawks26.250


The Teams

Winning Feeling

The Green Bay Packers have won 13 NFL championships, the most in NFL history.

Of the 12 playoff teams this season, eight have won at least one championship.

NFL championships won by the 2013 playoff teams:

Team NFL Championship(s) Season(s)
Source: NFL
Green Bay Packers131929-31, 1936, 1939, 1944, 1961-62, 1965-67, 1996, 2010
San Francisco 49ers51981, 1984, 1988-89, 1994
Indianapolis Colts41958-59, 1970, 2006
New England Patriots32001, 2003-04
Philadelphia Eagles31948-49, 1960
Denver Broncos21997-98
New Orleans Saints12009
Kansas City Chiefs11969
Carolina Panthers0--
Cincinnati Bengals0--
San Diego Chargers0--
Seattle Seahawks0--


Playoff Success

The Green Bay Packers have won 30 postseason games, the most among 2013 playoff teams and the third-most most in NFL history. The San Francisco 49ers have 28 postseason victories, the second-most among 2013 playoff clubs and the fourth-most all-time.

The teams with the most playoff victories in NFL history:

Team Playoff Wins
Source: NFL *In 2013 playoffs
Dallas Cowboys33
Pittsburgh Steelers33
Green Bay Packers*30
San Francisco 49ers*28
Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders25


Postseason victories for the NFL 2013 playoff teams:

Team Playoff Wins
Source: NFL *In 2013 playoffs
Green Bay Packers30
San Francisco 49ers28
New England Patriots24
Indianapolis Colts19
Philadelphia Eagles19
Denver Broncos18
San Diego Chargers10
Seattle Seahawks9
Kansas City Chiefs8
Carolina Panthers6
New Orleans Saints6
Cincinnati Bengals5


Home Sweet Home … Maybe

While home-field advantage throughout the playoffs is a coveted prize, it has been no guarantee of a trip to the Super Bowl. And like so much about the NFL, an unpredictable result is seemingly the only predictable outcome.

Since the NFL adopted the 12-team playoff format in 1990, only 21 of the 46 (45.7 percent) No. 1 seeds have advanced to the Super Bowl, with nine No. 1 seeds being crowned champions (19.6 percent).

How the No. 1 seeds have fared since 1990:

Season AFC No. 1 Seed Result NFC No. 1 Seed Result
Source: NFL
1990BillsLost Super Bowl XXV49ersLost NFC Championship
1991BillsLost Super Bowl XXVIWashingtonWon Super Bowl XXVI
1992SteelersLost Divisional49ersLost NFC Championship
1993BillsLost Super Bowl XXVIIICowboysWon Super Bowl XXVIII
1994SteelersLost AFC Championship49ersWon Super Bowl XXIX
1995ChiefsLost DivisionalCowboysWon Super Bowl XXX
1996BroncosLost DivisionalPackersWon Super Bowl XXXI
1997ChiefsLost Divisional49ersLost NFC Championship
1998BroncosWon Super Bowl XXXIIIVikingsLost NFC Championship
1999JaguarsLost AFC ChampionshipRamsWon Super Bowl XXXIV
2000TitansLost DivisionalGiantsLost Super Bowl XXXV
2001SteelersLost AFC ChampionshipRamsLost Super Bowl XXXVI
2002RaidersLost Super Bowl XXXVIIEaglesLost NFC Championship
2003PatriotsWon Super Bowl XXXVIIIEaglesLost NFC Championship
2004SteelersLost AFC ChampionshipEaglesLost Super Bowl XXXIX
2005ColtsLost DivisionalSeahawksLost Super Bowl XL
2006ChargersLost DivisionalBearsLost Super Bowl XLI
2007PatriotsLost Super Bowl XLIICowboysLost Divisional
2008TitansLost DivisionalGiantsLost Divisional
2009ColtsLost Super Bowl XLIVSaintsWon Super Bowl XLIV
2010PatriotsLost DivisionalFalconsLost Divisional
2011PatriotsLost Super Bowl XLVIPackersLost Divisional
2012BroncosLost DivisionalFalconsLost NFC Championship


Division Dominance

Since 2000, the New England Patriots have won 11 division titles, the most in the NFL during that span. The Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles are tied for first in the NFC with seven division titles each since 2000.

The NFL teams with the most division titles since 2000:

Team Division Titles
Source: NFL *2013 division winner
New England Patriots*11
Indianapolis Colts*8
Green Bay Packers*7
Philadelphia Eagles*7
Pittsburgh Steelers6
Seattle Seahawks*6
San Diego Chargers5


Super Encores

The San Francisco 49ers posted a 12-4 record this season and became the 14th Super Bowl runner-up since 1990 to qualify for the playoffs the following year.

Since 1990, the Super Bowl runner-ups to advance to the postseason:

Season Team Record Result
Source: NFL
1991Bills13-3Won division; Advanced to Super Bowl XXVI
1992Bills11-5Wild Card; Advanced to Super Bowl XXVII
1993Bills12-4Won division; Advanced to Super Bowl XXVIII
1995Chargers9-7Wild Card; Advanced to Wild Card
1996Steelers10-6Won division; Advanced to Divisional
1997Patriots10-6Won division; Advanced to Divisional
1998Packers11-5Wild Card; Advanced to Wild Card
2000Titans13-3Won division; Advanced to Divisional
2006Seahawks9-7Won division; Advanced to Divisional
2009Cardinals10-6Won division; Advanced to Divisional
2010Colts10-6Won division; Advanced to Wild Card
2011Steelers12-4Wild Card; Advanced to Wild Card
2012Patriots12-4Won division; Advanced to AFC Championship
201349ers12-4Wild Card; ???


Point Production

The Denver Broncos scored an NFL-high 606 points this year, the most in a single season in NFL history.

The highest-scoring teams in NFL history and how they fared in the postseason:

Season Team Points Record Advanced To
Source: NFL
2007Patriots58916-0Super Bowl XLII
2012Patriots55712-4AFC Championship
1998Vikings55615-1NFC Championship


The Show-Me Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs, who finished 2-14 in 2012, are the third team to win 11 games following a season with two or fewer victories all-time.

The teams to win 10+ games following a season in which they won two games or fewer:

Team Season Record Advanced To Previous
Source: NFL
Colts201211-5Wild Card20112-14
Dolphins200811-5Wild Card20071-15


Fast Turnaround

The Philadelphia Eagles, who finished the 2012 season with a 4-12 record, rebounded in 2013 to win the NFC East division with a 10-6 record.

From 1978-2012, there were 142 teams to post a 4-12 or worse record:

35 of those teams posted a winning record the following year

26 of those teams made the playoffs the following year

12 of those teams won the division the following year

The 12 teams to win the division one season after finishing with a 4-12 or worse record, including the 1999 St. Louis Rams, who won Super Bowl XXXIV:

Season Team Record Playoff Result Previous
Source: NFL
1987Colts9-6Advanced to Divisional3-13
1992Chargers11-5Advanced to Divisional4-12
1999Colts13-3Advanced to Divisional3-13
1999Rams13-3Won Super Bowl XXXIV4-12
2000Saints10-6Advanced to Divisional3-13
2004Chargers12-4Advanced to Wild Card4-12
2006Saints10-6Advanced to NFC Championship3-13
2007Tampa Bay9-7Advanced to Wild Card4-12
2008Dolphins11-5Advanced to Wild Card1-15
2010Chiefs10-6Advanced to Wild Card4-12
2011Broncos8-8Advanced to Divisional4-12


Undefeated at Home

The Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints finished the 2013 regular season undefeated at home.

Since 2000, only 23 teams -- including three this year -- have posted a perfect regular-season record at home. Of the previous 20 teams before the 2013 season, five have gone to the Super Bowl (25 percent).

The NFL teams (since 2000) to finish with 8-0 records at home and their final season result:

Season Team Record Result
Source: NFL
2002Packers12-4Advanced to Wild Card
2003Chiefs13-3Advanced to Divisional
2003Patriots14-2Won Super Bowl XXXVIII
2003Rams12-4Advanced to Divisional
2003Seahawks10-6Advanced to Wild Card
2004Patriots14-2Won Super Bowl XXXIX
2004Steelers15-1Advanced to AFC Championship
2005Broncos13-3Advanced to AFC Championship
2005Seahawks13-3Advanced to Super Bowl XL
2006Colts12-4Won Super Bowl XLI
2006Chargers14-2Advanced to Divisional
2007Patriots16-0Advanced to Super Bowl XLII
2008Panthers12-4Advanced to Divisional
2009Patriots10-6Advanced to Wild Card
2009Vikings12-4Advanced to NFC Championship
2010Patriots14-2Advanced to Divisional
2011Ravens12-4Advanced to AFC Championship
2011Packers15-1Advanced to Divisional
2011Saints13-3Advanced to Divisional
2012Seahawks11-5Advanced to NFC Championship


OT & Playoffs: Winning Combination

The playoffs have featured at least one overtime game in 11 of the past 13 postseasons.

In 2010, the NFL adopted a modified sudden-death system for the playoffs, which was expanded to cover all NFL games in 2012. The system guarantees each team a possession or the opportunity to possess, unless the team that receives the opening kickoff scores a touchdown on its initial possession. Play continues in sudden death until a winner is determined, and the game automatically ends upon any score.

A look at NFL overtime playoff games since 2000:

Season Round Teams Game-Winning Score
Source: NFL
2000WCMiami 23, Colts 17RB Lamar Smith 17-yard TD run
2001Div.New England 16, Oakland 13K Adam Vinatieri 23-yard FG
2002Div.Tennessee 34, Pittsburgh 31K Joe Nedney 26-yard FG
2003WCGreen Bay 33, Seattle 27CB Al Harris returns INT 52 yards for TD
2003Div.Panthers 29, Rams 23 (2 OT)QB Jake Delhomme to WR Steve Smith 69-yd TD
2003Div.Philadelphia 20, Green Bay 17K David Akers 31-yard FG
2004WCNY Jets 20, San Diego 17K Doug Brien 28-yard FG
2004Div.Pittsburgh 20, NY Jets 17K Jeff Reed 33-yard FG
2006Div.Chicago 27, Seattle 24K Robbie Gould FG from 49 yards out
2007Champ.NY Giants 23, Green Bay 20K Lawrence Tynes 47-yard FG
2008WCSan Diego 23, Indianapolis 17RB Darren Sproles 22-yard TD run
2009WCArizona 51, Green Bay 45LB Karlos Dansby scores on 17-yard FR-TD
2009Champ.New Orleans 31, Minnesota 28K Garrett Hartley 40-yard FG
2011WCDenver 29,Steelers 23WR Demaryius Thomas 80-yard TD from QB Tim Tebow
2011Champ.NY Giants 20, San Francisco 17K Lawrence Tynes 31-yard FG
2013Div.Baltimore 38, Denver 35 (2 OT)K Justin Tucker 47-yard FG


The Players

Brees & Rodgers Among Postseason Leaders

Quarterbacks DREW BREES of New Orleans and AARON RODGERS of Green Bay have both enjoyed postseason success. The two quarterbacks, who have each won Super Bowl MVP honors, rank among the top in many postseason passing categories.

Brees (104.2) and Rodgers (103.6) are two of only four quarterbacks in NFL history with a 100+ passer rating in the postseason.

The NFL quarterbacks with the highest postseason passer rating (min. 150 attempts):

Quarterback Att Comp Yards TD INT Rating
Source: NFL *Active
Bart Starr2131301,753153104.8
Drew Brees*3912622,980224104.2
Aaron Rodgers*2921932,312185103.6
Kurt Warner4623073,9523114102.8
Joe Montana7344605,772452195.6


Brees has completed 262 of 391 attempts in his postseason career for a 67.0 completion percentage, the highest in NFL history. Rodgers has completed 193 of 292 passes for a 66.1 completion percentage, the fifth-best mark in NFL Playoff History.

The NFL quarterbacks with the highest postseason completion percentage (min. 150 attempts):

Quarterback Att Comp Pct
Source: NFL *Active
Drew Brees*39126267.0
Kurt Warner46230766.5
Matt Ryan*18712466.3
Ken Anderson16611066.3
Aaron Rodgers*29219366.1


Brees has thrown only four interceptions in 391 career attempts in the postseason and his 1.02 interception percentage is the lowest in NFL history. Rodgers ranks third with a 1.7 interception percentage (five interceptions in 292 attempts).

The quarterbacks with the lowest interception percentage in the postseason (min. 150 attempts):

Quarterback Att INT Pct
Source: NFL *Active
Drew Brees*39141.02
Bart Starr21331.41
Aaron Rodgers*29251.71


Brees has five career 300-yard passing games in the postseason, tied with Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN FOUTS for fifth in NFL history.

Quarterback Playoff Games 300-Yard Games
Source: NFL *Active
Peyton Manning*208
Joe Montana236
Kurt Warner136
Tom Brady*246
Dan Fouts75
Drew Brees*95


Brees has passed for at least 300 yards in each of his past three postseason games, tied for the second-longest streak in NFL history with Pro Football Hall of Famers JIM KELLY and WARREN MOON. With a 300-yard game at Philadelphia on Wild Card Weekend, he will tie Fouts for the longest postseason streak all-time.

Brees has 400+ passing yards in those three and is the only player in NFL postseason history with three such games.

Passing By

Quarterbacks DREW BREES of New Orleans, PEYTON MANNING of Denver and AARON RODGERS of Green Bay have each had a 400-yard passing game in the postseason.

Brees (three), Manning (two) and Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN MARINO (two) are the only quarterbacks in NFL history to throw for at least 400 yards in multiple playoff games.

Brees has thrown for 400 yards in three consecutive playoff games and can extend his NFL-record streak on Wild Card Weekend at Philadelphia.

The 17 400-yard passing performances in NFL postseason history:

Quarterback Team Opponent Date Yards
Source: NFL
Bernie KosarBrownsJets1/3/87489
Drew BreesSaintsLions1/7/12466
Drew BreesSaints49ers1/14/12462
Peyton ManningColtsBroncos1/9/05458
Dan FoutsChargersDolphins1/2/82433
Kelly HolcombBrownsSteelers1/5/03429
Jeff GeorgeVikingsRams1/16/00423
Aaron RodgersPackersCardinals1/10/10423
Dan MarinoDolphinsBills12/30/95422
Dan MarinoDolphinsSteelers1/6/85421
Kurt WarnerRamsTitans1/30/00414
Randall CunninghamEaglesBears12/31/88407
Jim KellyBillsBrowns1/6/90405
Drew BreesSaintsSeahawks1/8/11404
Don StrockDolphinsChargers1/2/82403
Peyton ManningColtsChargers1/13/08402
Daryle LamonicaRaidersJets12/29/68401


Super Bowl MVPs

There are four players in the 2013 postseason who have been named Super Bowl MVP: quarterback TOM BRADY of New England (XXXVI, XXXVIII), quarterback DREW BREES of New Orleans (XLIV), quarterback PEYTON MANNING of Denver (XLI with Indianapolis) and quarterback AARON RODGERS of Green Bay (XLV).

Brady is one of only five players in NFL history to be named Super Bowl MVP multiple times and aims to join Pro Football Hall of Famer JOE MONTANA as the only players to win the award three times.

The five players in NFL history to be named Super Bowl MVP multiple times:

Player Team Super Bowl MVPs
Source: NFL *Active
Joe Montana49ers3 (XVI, XIX, XXIV)
Terry BradshawPittsburgh2 (XIII, XIV)
Tom Brady*New England2 (XXXVI, XXXVIII)
Eli Manning*New York Giants2 (XLII, XLVI)
Bart StarrGreen Bay2 (I, II)


When It Counts

New England quarterback TOM BRADY has a 17-7 (.708) career postseason record, the most playoff wins all-time by a starting quarterback.

The starting quarterbacks with the most playoff wins in NFL history:

Quarterback Team(s) Playoff Wins
Source: NFL *Active
Tom Brady*Patriots17
Joe Montana49ers, Chiefs16
Terry BradshawSteelers14
John ElwayBroncos14
Brett FavrePackers, Vikings13


Brady has a 17-7 (.708) postseason record, trailing only Pro Football Hall of Famers TERRY BRADSHAW and TROY AIKMAN for the best postseason record as a starting quarterback in NFL history (minimum 15 starts).

The NFL quarterbacks with the best records in postseason starts (minimum 15 starts):

Quarterback Record Win Pct
Source: NFL *Active
Terry Bradshaw14-5.737
Troy Aikman11-4.733
Tom Brady*17-7.708
Joe Montana16-7.696
John Elway14-7.667


A Proven Winner

New England's TOM BRADY is one of four quarterbacks in NFL history to win at least three Super Bowls.

Only 11 QBs in NFL history have won multiple Super Bowls. Of the 11, three are active and seven have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The starting quarterbacks to win multiple Super Bowls:

Quarterback Super Bowl Wins
Source: NFL *Pro Football Hall of Fame **Active
Terry Bradshaw*4
Joe Montana*4
Troy Aikman*3
Tom Brady**3
John Elway*2
Bob Griese*2
Eli Manning**2
Jim Plunkett2
Ben Roethlisberger**2
Bart Starr*2
Roger Staubach*2


Climbing The Charts

Quarterbacks TOM BRADY of New England and PEYTON MANNING of Denver can move up the charts in attempts, completions, passing yards and touchdown passes this postseason.

The playoff leaders in completions, attempts, passing yards and touchdowns:

Quarterback Comp Quarterback Attempts
Source: NFL *Active
Tom Brady553*Tom Brady887*
Brett Favre481Brett Favre791
Peyton Manning481*Peyton Manning761*
Joe Montana460Joe Montana734
Dan Marino385Dan Marino687


Quarterback Pass Yards Quarterback TD Passes
Source: NFL *Active
Tom Brady5,949*Joe Montana45
Brett Favre5,855Brett Favre44
Joe Montana5,772Tom Brady42*
Peyton Manning5,679*Peyton Manning32*
John Elway4,964Dan Marino32


Young Quarterbacks

Indianapolis' ANDREW LUCK and Seattle's RUSSELL WILSON have led their teams to the postseason for the second consecutive season. Both can join a list of seven quarterbacks during the Super Bowl era who have started a playoff game in each of their first two seasons starting with their rookie season.

The quarterbacks to start a playoff game in their rookie and second seasons in the Super Bowl era (since 1966):

Quarterback Seasons Team
Source: NFL *In 2013 postseason
Dan Marino1983-84Miami Dolphins
Bernie Kosar1985-86Cleveland Browns
Shaun King 1999-2000Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ben Roethlisberger2004-05Pittsburgh Steelers
Joe Flacco2008-09Baltimore Ravens
Mark Sanchez2009-10New York Jets
Andy Dalton2011-12Cincinnati Bengals
Andrew Luck*2012-13Indianapolis Colts
Russell Wilson*2012-13Seattle Seahawks


Wilson has won 24 games in his first two seasons, the most by a quarterback in the Super Bowl era. Luck is tied for second with BEN ROETHLISBERGER with 22 wins.

Quarterback Team Seasons Wins
Source: NFL
Russell WilsonSeattle2012-1324
Andrew LuckIndianapolis2012-1322
Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh2004-0522
Dan MarinoMiami1983-8421
Joe FlaccoBaltimore2008-0920
Matt RyanAtlanta2008-0920



Two starting quarterbacks -- Philadelphia's NICK FOLES and Carolina's CAM NEWTON -- will make their playoff debuts this postseason. The quarterbacks with the most passing yards in their first career postseason start:

Quarterback Team Passing Yards
Source: NFL
Kelly HolcombCleveland Browns429
Aaron RodgersGreen Bay Packers423
Randall CunninghamPhiladelphia Eagles407
Kurt WarnerSt. Louis Rams391
Neil LomaxSt. Louis Cardinals385


Saint Nick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback NICK FOLES led the NFL with a 119.2 passer rating, the third-best mark in a season in NFL history.

The quarterbacks with the highest passer rating in a single postseason (min. 50 attempts):

Quarterback Team Season Att Comp Yards TD INT Rating
Source: NFL
Joe Montana49ers19898365800110146.4
Bart StarrPackers1966513555461135.6
Phil SimmsGiants1986583849480131.8
Kurt WarnerCardinals2009594658451129.1
Troy AikmanCowboys1992896179580126.4


It's Always Shady in Philadelphia

Philadelphia running back LE SEAN MC COY led the NFL with a franchise-record 1,607 yards, becoming the first Eagle to lead the league in rushing since Pro Football Hall of Famer STEVE VAN BUREN in 1949.

The NFL running backs with the most rushing yards in a single postseason:

Player, Team Season Yards TD
Source: NFL
John Riggins, Washington19826104
Terrell Davis, Denver19975818
Terrell Davis, Denver19984683
Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders19834664
Eddie George, Tennessee19994493


Roll Lacy

Green Bay running back EDDIE LACY led all rookies with 1,178 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns, both franchise rookie records.

The NFL rookies with the most rushing yards in a single postseason:

Player, Team Season Yards
Source: NFL
Timmy Smith, Washington1987342
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore2000338
James Starks, Green Bay2010315
Duane Thomas, Dallas1970313
Ickey Woods, Cincinnati1988307


The NFL rookies with the most rushing touchdowns in a single postseason:

Player, Team Season Rush TDs
Source: NFL
Norm Standlee, Chicago Bears19414
Tony Dorsett, Dallas19774
William Floyd, 49ers19944
Jamal Lewis, Baltimore20004


Welcome Reception

There are 10 players in the 2013 playoff field who recorded at least 1,000 receiving yards in the regular season: Denver's DEMARYIUS THOMAS (1,430), Cincinnati's A.J. GREEN (1,426), Philadelphia's DE SEAN JACKSON (1,332), Green Bay's JORDY NELSON (1,314), Denver's ERIC DECKER (1,288), New Orleans' JIMMY GRAHAM (1,215), San Francisco's ANQUAN BOLDIN (1,179), Indianapolis' T.Y. HILTON (1,083), New England's JULIAN EDELMAN (1,056) and San Diego's KEENAN ALLEN (1,046).

The players with the most receiving yards in a single postseason:

Player, Team Season Rec. Yards TDs
Source: NFL
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona2008305467
Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants2011284444
Jerry Rice, 49ers1988214096
Steve Smith, Carolina2003184043
Charlie Brown, Washington1983144011


There have been seven 200-yard receiving games in NFL postseason history. Denver's Thomas and Carolina's STEVE SMITH each had one of those performances.

The players with the most receiving yards in a postseason game:

Player, Team Season Date Opponent Rec. Yards TDs
Source: NFL
Eric Moulds, Bills19981/2/99Dolphins92401
Anthony Carter, Vikings19871/9/8849ers102270
Reggie Wayne, Colts20041/9/05Broncos102212
Steve Smith, Panthers20051/15/06Bears122182
Jerry Rice, 49ers19881/22/89Bengals112151
Calvin Johnson, Lions20111/7/12Saints122112
Demaryius Thomas, Broncos20111/8/12Steelers42041


Mile High Salute

The Denver Broncos became the first team in NFL history to have five players score at least 10 touchdowns in the same season. The five Broncos with at least 10 touchdowns this season are DEMARYIUS THOMAS (14), KNOWSHON MORENO (13), JULIUS THOMAS (12), ERIC DECKER (11) and WES WELKER (10).

No other NFL team has had more than three different players score at least 10 touchdowns in a season in NFL history.

The NFL players with the most touchdowns in a single postseason:

Player, Team Season TDs
Source: NFL
Terrell Davis, Denver19978
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona20087
Many tied 6


Catching On

San Francisco wide receiver ANQUAN BOLDIN leads active players in the 2013 playoff field with 806 career postseason receiving yards. Last year with Baltimore, Boldin led the league with 380 postseason receiving yards.

The active players in the 2013 playoffs with the most postseason receiving yards:

Player Current Team Games Rec. Yards TDs
Source: NFL
Anquan Boldin49ers11528067
Steve SmithPanthers8477827
Wes WelkerBroncos9696864
Marques ColstonSaints8456283
Vernon Davis49ers5225465


Rookie Receivers

San Diego Chargers wide receiver KEENAN ALLEN led NFL rookies this season in receptions (71) and receiving yards (1,046), the most in both categories by a Chargers rookie.

The NFL rookies with the most receptions and receiving yards in a single postseason:

Player Team Season Rec.
Source: NFL
Joseph AddaiColts200622
Torry HoltRams199920
Austin CollieColts200917
Chad MortonSaints200015
Steve SmithGiants200714


Player Team Season Yards
Source: NFL
Torry HoltRams1999242
Austin CollieColts2009241
DeSean JacksonEagles2008207
Steve JunkerLions1957201
Ricky NattielBroncos1987171


Tight Ends Making Mark

Three tight ends had at least 10 touchdown receptions in 2013 and all three are in the postseason -- New Orleans' JIMMY GRAHAM (16), San Francisco's VERNON DAVIS (13) and Denver's JULIUS THOMAS (12).

In NFL history, there have been nine tight ends to record at least three touchdown catches in a single postseason, including both Davis (four in 2011) and Graham (three in 2011).

The tight ends with the most touchdown receptions in a single postseason:

Player Team Season Receiving TDs
Source: NFL *Including Jimmy Graham (2011)
Dave CasperOakland19775
Vernon Davis49ers20114
Seven Tied*----3


Special Delivery

There have been only 21 punt-return touchdowns in playoff history. The last player with a punt-return touchdown in the postseason was Denver's TRINDON HOLLIDAY in the 2012 Divisional round (90 yards, the longest in NFL playoff history). No player has ever recorded more than one in a career.

There have been 24 playoff kickoff-return touchdowns. The last player with a kickoff-return touchdown in the postseason was Baltimore's JACOBY JONES in Super Bowl XLVII (108 yards, the longest in NFL playoff history). RON DIXON of the New York Giants (2000-02) is the only player with two career kickoff-return touchdowns in the playoffs.

Denver's Holliday is the only player in NFL postseason history to return both a punt and a kickoff for a touchdown in the same game (2012 Divisional). He is one of three players in NFL postseason history with both a punt and kickoff return touchdown in a career (DESMOND HOWARD and JERMAINE LEWIS).

Sack Attack

Indianapolis' ROBERT MATHIS had a league-best 19.5 sacks and won the NFL's first-ever Deacon Jones Award as the player with the most sacks. Carolina's GREG HARDY tied a franchise-record with 15 sacks and is the first player in NFL history to enter the postseason with at least three sacks in each of his team's final two games.

The NFL players with the most sacks in a postseason game and entire postseason:

Most Sacks in an NFL Playoff Game

Player, Team Sacks Opponent Season Date
Source: NFL
Willie McGinest, New England4.5Jaguars2005January 7, 2006
Richard Dent, Chicago3.5Giants1985January 5, 1986
Rich Milot, Washington3.5Bears1984December 30, 1984


Most Sacks in an NFL Postseason

Player, Team Sacks Season
Source: NFL
Richard Dent, Chicago61985
Michael McCrary, Baltimore62000
LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh62008
Willie McGinest, New England52003
Terrell Suggs, Baltimore52010
Tony Tolbert, Dallas51995


Rookie Sackers

New England Patriots defensive tackle CHRIS JONES had six sacks, the most by any rookie in the 2013 postseason field.

The rookies with the most sacks in a playoff game and entire postseason:

Most Sacks in an NFL Playoff Game by a Rookie

Player, Team Sacks Opponent Season Date
Source: NFL
Garin Veris, New England3Jets1985December 28, 1985
Brooks Reed, Houston2.5Ravens2011January 15, 2012
J.J. Watt, Houston2.5Ravens2011January 15, 2012


Most Sacks in an NFL Postseason by a Rookie

Player, Team Sacks Season
Source: NFL
Greg Townsend, Raiders4.51983
Garin Veris, New England41985
Brooks Reed, Houston3.52011
J.J. Watt, Houston3.52011
Eric Dorsey, Giants31986
Jevon Kearse, Tennessee31999
Cornelius Griffin, Giants32000


Ball Hawks

Seattle cornerback RICHARD SHERMAN led the NFL with eight interceptions and the Seahawks topped the league with 28 interceptions and 39 takeaways. Philadelphia's BRANDON BOYKIN tied for second in the NFL with a career-high six interceptions.

The players with the most interceptions in a playoff game and entire postseason:

Most Interceptions in an NFL Playoff Game

Player, Team INT Opponent Season Date
Source: NFL
Vernon Perry, Houston4San Diego1979December 29, 1979
Many tied3   


Most Interceptions in an NFL Postseason

Player, Team INT Season
Source: NFL
Lester Hayes, Oakland51980
Vernon Perry, Houston51979
Many tied4--


Rookie Defenders

New England's LOGAN RYAN led all NFL rookies with five interceptions, tied for the fifth-most in the league this season. San Francisco rookie safety ERIC REID led all NFC rookies with four interceptions.

The rookies with the most interceptions in a playoff game and entire postseason:

Most Interceptions in an NFL Playoff Game by a Rookie

Player, Team INT Opponent Season
Source: NFL
Vernon Perry, Houston4San DiegoDecember 29, 1979
Ricky Manning, Jr., Carolina3PhiladelphiaJanuary 18, 2004
Many tied2  


Most Interceptions in an NFL Postseason by a Rookie

Player, Team INT Season
Source: NFL
Vernon Perry, Houston51979
Ricky Manning, Jr., Carolina42003
Jim Marsalis, Kansas City31969
Roynell Young, Philadelphia31980


Mr Reliable

Indianapolis kicker ADAM VINATIERI has made 48 postseason field goals, the most in NFL history. Vinatieri (four) also holds the record for the most postseason field goals of 50+ yards.

NFL Kickers with the most field goals made in the postseason all-time:

Kicker Field Goals
Source: NFL *Active
Adam Vinatieri48*
David Akers39*
Gary Anderson32
Matt Stover25
John Kasay23


Best NFL Playoff Performances in a single postseason

Passing Yards

Player, Team Season Comp Att Yards TD INT
Source: NFL
Eli Manning, Giants20111061631,21991
Kurt Warner, Cardinals2008921351,147113
Aaron Rodgers, Packers201090132/td>1,0949/td>2
Kurt Warner, Rams1999771211,06384
Peyton Manning, Colts2006971531,03437



Player, Team Season Att Yards TD
Source: NFL
John Riggins, Washington19821366104
Terrell Davis, Denver19971125818
Terrell Davis, Denver1998784683
Marcus Allen, L.A. Raiders1983584664
Eddie George, Tennessee19991084493


Receiving Yards

Player, Team Season Rec. Yards TD
Source: NFL
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona2008305467
Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants2011284444
Jerry Rice, 49ers1988214096
Steve Smith, Carolina2003184043
Charlie Brown, Washington1983144011



Player, Team Season Rec. Yards TD
Source: NFL
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona2008305467
Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants2011284444
Steve Smith, Carolina2005273353
Wes Welker, New England2007272132
Anthony Carter, Minnesota1987233911


Scrimmage Touchdowns

Player, Team Season Total TDs Rush TDs Rec. TDs
Source: NFL
Terrell Davis, Denver1997880
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona2008707
Larry Csonka, Miami1973660
Franco Harris, Pittsburgh1974660
John Riggins, Washington1983660
Jerry Rice, 49ers1988606
Gerald Riggs, Washington1991660
Ricky Watters, 49ers1993660
Emmitt Smith, Dallas1995660


The Coaches

Head of the Class

New England Patriots head coach BILL BELICHICK (18) has the third-most playoff wins all-time, trailing only Pro Football Hall of Famers TOM LANDRY (20) and DON SHULA (19).

With a win, Belichick will tie Shula for the second-most playoff wins.

The head coaches with the most playoff wins:

Head Coach Team(s) Playoff Wins
Source: NFL *Active
Tom LandryCowboys20
Don ShulaColts, Dolphins19
Bill Belichick*Browns, Patriots18
Joe GibbsWashington17
Chuck NollSteelers16


First-Timer Coaches

Rookie head coaches CHIP KELLY of the Philadelphia Eagles and MIKE MC COY of the San Diego Chargers will make their postseason debuts in their first year at the helm.

Since 1990, 12 rookie head coaches have won their playoff debuts. In 2011, San Francisco's JIM HARBAUGH led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game as a rookie head coach.

The rookie head coaches who won their first playoff game (since 1990):

Head Coach Team Season
Source: NFL
Bobby RossSan Diego Chargers1992
Barry SwitzerDallas Cowboys1994
Ray RhodesPhiladelphia Eagles1995
Steve MariucciSan Francisco 49ers1997
Jim HaslettNew Orleans Saints2000
Bill CallahanOakland Raiders2002
Jim MoraAtlanta Falcons2004
Sean PaytonNew Orleans Saints2006
John HarbaughBaltimore Ravens2008
Jim CaldwellIndianapolis Colts2009
Rex RyanNew York Jets2009
Jim HarbaughSan Francisco 49ers2011


Three's Company

San Francisco head coach JIM HARBAUGH has guided the 49ers to at least 10 wins and a playoff berth in each of his first three NFL seasons. Harbaugh is the sixth head coach to win at least 10 games and lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first three NFL seasons.

Head Coach Team Seasons
Source: NFL
Allie ShermanNew York Giants1961-63
Chuck KnoxLos Angeles Rams1973-77
Ted MarchibrodaBaltimore Colts1975-77
Red MillerDenver Broncos1977-79
Barry SwitzerDallas Cowboys1994-96
Jim HarbaughSan Francisco 49ers2011-13


2013 Playoff Head Coaches & Their Playoff Winning Percentages

Head Coach, Team W L Pct.
Source: NFL
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots188.692/td>
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints53.625/td>
Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers64.600/td>
Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers32.600/td>
John Fox, Denver Broncos65.545/td>
Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs109.526/td>
Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks34.429/td>
Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis Colts01.000/td>
Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals04.000/td>
Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles00--/td>
Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers00--/td>
Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers00--/td>


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