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NFL 2013 Divisional Weekend: What to Look For

View From The Top

Since the NFL moved to a 12-team playoff format in 1990, No. 1 seeds in the NFC are 19-4 (.826) in the Divisional Playoffs. In the AFC, the No. 1 seed has compiled a 13-10 (.565) record.

Both No. 1 seeds are in action this weekend when the top-seeded Seattle Seahawks host the New Orleans Saints in the NFC and the No. 1-seed Denver Broncos face the San Diego Chargers in the AFC.

The No. 1 seeds in Divisional-round play since 1990:

Year AFC No. 1 Seed Divisional Result NFC No. 1 Seed Divisional Result
Source: NFL
1990BillsBeat Miami 44-3449ersBeat Washington 28-10
1991BillsBeat Chiefs 37-14WashingtonBeat Falcons 24-7
1992SteelersLost to Bills 24-349ersBeat Washington 20-13
1993BillsBeat L.A. Raiders 29-23CowboysBeat Packers 27-17
1994SteelersBeat Cleveland 29-949ersBeat Bears 44-15
1995ChiefsLost to Colts 10-7CowboysBeat Eagles 30-11
1996BroncosLost to Jaguars 30-27PackersBeat 49ers 35-14
1997ChiefsLost to Broncos 14-1049ersBeat Vikings 38-22
1998BroncosBeat Miami 38-3VikingsBeat Arizona 41-21
1999JaguarsBeat Miami 62-7RamsBeat Vikings 49-37
2000TitansLost to Baltimore 24-10GiantsBeat Eagles 20-10
2001SteelersBeat Baltimore 27-10RamsBeat Packers 45-17
2002RaidersBeat Jets 30-10EaglesBeat Falcons 20-6
2003PatriotsBeat Titans 17-14EaglesBeat Packers 20-17 (OT)
2004SteelersBeat Jets 20-17 (OT)EaglesBeat Vikings 27-14
2005ColtsLost to Steelers 21-18SeahawksBeat Washington 20-10
2006ChargersLost to Patriots 24-21BearsBeat Seahawks 27-24 (OT)
2007PatriotsBeat Jaguars 31-20CowboysLost to Giants 21-17
2008TitansLost to Baltimore 13-10GiantsLost to Eagles 23-11
2009ColtsBeat Baltimore 20-3SaintsBeat Arizona 45-14
2010PatriotsLost to Jets 28-21FalconsLost to Packers 48-21
2011PatriotsBeat Broncos 45-10PackersLost to Giants 37-20
2012BroncosLost to Baltimore 38-35 (2OT)FalconsBeat Seahawks 30-28


First-Round Byes

The top seeds -- SEATTLE (13-3, NFC No. 1 seed), DENVER (13-3, AFC No. 1 seed), CAROLINA (12-4, NFC No. 2 seed) and NEW ENGLAND (12-4, AFC No. 2 seed) -- earned first-round byes and will be featured in this weekend's Divisional Playoffs.

Two of the four top seeds rank among the teams with the most first-round byes since the 12-team playoff format was adopted in 1990. New England (nine) has the most, while Denver (six) has the fourth-most since 1990.

The teams with the most first-round byes since 1990:

Team First-Round Byes Since 1990
Source: NFL *Includes 2013
New England Patriots9*
Pittsburgh Steelers8
San Francisco 49ers8
Denver Broncos6*
Dallas Cowboys5


Championship Goal

This Saturday, SAN FRANCISCO (13-4, NFC No. 5 seed) travels to take on CAROLINA (12-4, NFC No. 2 seed) in a rematch of their Week 10 game when the Panthers defeated the 49ers 10-9 at Candlestick Park.

With a victory against Carolina, San Francisco would advance to its 15th NFC Championship Game, which would tie PITTSBURGH (15) for the most appearances in a Conference Championship Game since 1970.

NEW ENGLAND is tied for fifth on the all-time list with the Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams and can move into sole possession of fifth place with a win against Indianapolis on Saturday. This would be New England's third consecutive appearance in the AFC Championship Game.

The teams with the most appearances in a Conference Championship Game since 1970:

Team Conference Championship Appearances
Source: NFL *Includes 2013
Pittsburgh Steelers15
San Francisco 49ers14
Dallas Cowboys14
L.A./Oakland Raiders11
L.A./St. Louis Rams9
New England Patriots9


Passing Greats

New England quarterback TOM BRADY has thrown 42 career postseason touchdown passes, the third most in NFL postseason history. He trails BRETT FAVRE (44) and Pro Football Hall of Famer JOE MONTANA (45) for the most in NFL history.

With four TD passes against Indianapolis on Saturday, Brady would surpass Favre and Montana for the most postseason TD passes in NFL history.

Denver quarterback PEYTON MANNING (32) is tied for fourth on the all-time list with Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN MARINO and can surpass him with one TD pass against San Diego on Sunday.

The NFL quarterbacks with the most postseason TD passes in NFL history:

Quarterback Career Postseason TD Passes
Source: NFL *Active
Joe Montana1979-199445
Brett Favre1991-201044
Tom Brady*2000-present 42
Peyton Manning*1998-present32
Dan Marino1983-199932


Rocket Manning

Denver quarterback PEYTON MANNING ranks fourth in NFL postseason history with 5,679 passing yards.

With 177 yards on Sunday against San Diego, Manning can surpass Montana (5,772) and Favre (5,855) for the second-most passing yards in postseason history.

Brady holds the record for most postseason passing yards (5,949) and can extend his lead Saturday against Indianapolis.

The players with the most postseason passing yards in NFL history:

Quarterback Career Postseason Passing Yards
Source: NFL *Active
Tom Brady*2000-present5,949
Brett Favre1991-20105,855
Joe Montana1979-19945,772
Peyton Manning*1998-present5,679
John Elway1983-19984,946


QB's on the Run

49ers quarterback COLIN KAEPERNICK has 362 career postseason rushing yards, the fifth-most rushing yards by a QB in postseason history. Kaepernick has averaged 90.5 yards-per-game in his four playoff games, the highest yards-per-game average by a QB in NFL history (minimum four games).

With 71 rushing yards Sunday at Carolina, Kaepernick can surpass DONOVAN MC NABB (422) and Pro Football Hall of Famer ROGER STAUBACH (432) for the third-most rushing yards by a QB in NFL postseason history.

The quarterbacks with the most postseason rushing yards in NFL history:

Quarterback Career Rushing Yards Yards per Game
Source: NFL *Active
Steve Young2259427.0
John Elway2246121.0
Roger Staubach2043221.6
Donovan McNabb1642226.4
Colin Kaepernick*436290.5


Head Of The Class

New England Patriots head coach BILL BELICHICK has compiled an 18-8 (.692) record in his postseason career. Belichick has the third-most playoff wins in NFL history, trailing only Pro Football Hall of Famers TOM LANDRY (20) and DON SHULA (19).

With a win against Indianapolis on Saturday, Belichick would tie Shula (19) for second place on the all-time wins list.

The head coaches with the most playoff wins in NFL history:

Head Coach Team(s) Playoff Wins
Source: NFL *Active
Tom LandryDallas Cowboys20
Don ShulaBaltimore Colts, Miami Dolphins19
Bill Belichick*Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots18
Joe GibbsWashington Redskins17
Chuck NollPittsburgh Steelers16


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