Repeating as Super Bowl champions is no easy feat. Only eight Super Bowl winners have repeated with the Patriots last repeating in 2004.

Here's how Super Bowl winners have fared the following season

Season Super Bowl Winner Next Season
Source: NFL
1966IGreen BayWon Super Bowl
1967IIGreen BayMissed playoffs
1968IIINew York JetsLost in first round
1969IVKansas CityMissed playoffs
1970VBaltimoreLost AFC Championship Game
1971VIDallasLost NFC Championship Game
1972VIIMiamiWon Super Bowl
1973VIIIMiamiLost in first round
1974IXPittsburghWon Super Bowl
1975XPittsburghLost AFC Championship Game
1976XIOaklandLost AFC Championship Game
1977XIIDallasLost Super Bowl
1978XIIIPittsburghWon Super Bowl
1979XIVPittsburghMissed playoffs
1980XVOaklandMissed playoffs
1981XVISan FranciscoMissed playoffs
1982XVIIWashingtonLost Super Bowl
1983XVIIIL.A. RaidersLost Wild Card Game
1984XIXSan FranciscoLost Wild Card Game
1985XXChicagoLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
1986XXINew York GiantsMissed playoffs
1987XXIIWashingtonMissed playoffs
1988XXIIISan FranciscoWon Super Bowl
1989XXIVSan FranciscoLost NFC Championship Game
1990XXVNew York GiantsMissed playoffs
1991XXVIWashingtonLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
1992XXVIIDallasWon Super Bowl
1993XXVIIIDallasLost NFC Championship Game
1994XXIXSan FranciscoLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
1995XXXDallasLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
1996XXXIGreen BayLost Super Bowl
1997XXXIIDenverWon Super Bowl
1998XXXIIIDenverMissed playoffs
1999XXXIVSt. LouisLost Wild Card Game
2000XXXVBaltimore Lost AFC Divisional Playoff Game
2001XXXVINew EnglandMissed playoffs
2002XXXVIITampa BayMissed playoffs
2003XXXVIIINew EnglandWon Super Bowl
2004XXXIXNew EnglandLost AFC Divisional Playoff Game
2005XLPittsburghMissed playoffs
2006XLIIndianapolisLost AFC Divisional Playoff Game
2007XLIINew York GiantsLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
2008XLIIIPittsburghMissed playoffs
2009XLIVNew OrleansLost NFC Wild Card Game
2010XLVGreen BayLost NFC Divisional Playoff Game
2011XLVINew York GiantsMissed playoffs
2012XLVIIBaltimore ???

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