NFL 2014: NFC Playoff Picture - Week 13
NFL 2014: NFC Playoff Picture - Week 13


As the NFL enters Week 13, there are 21 teams either in or within one game of a playoff spot, including 10 in the NFC.

The Seattle Seahawks have the toughest remaining schedule among those NFC clubs, facing opponents with a combined 35-20 (.636) mark.

"From here on in, the only statistic that matters is winning games," says head coach BRUCE ARIANS of the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals. "Whatever we have to do as a football team to win a game, that's all that matters."

The remaining strength of schedule for the 10 NFC teams either in or within one game of a playoff spot:

NFC East

OPP. RECORD31-24 (.564)29-26 (.527)
WEEK 13Philadelphia (8-3)at Dallas (8-3)
WEEK 14at Chicago (5-6)Seattle (7-4)
WEEK 15at Philadelphia (8-3)Dallas (8-3)
WEEK 16Indianapolis (7-4)at Washington (3-8)
WEEK 17at Washington (3-8)at New York Giants (3-8)


NFC North

OPP. RECORD28-27 (.509)24-31 (.436)
WEEK 13New England (9-2)Chicago (5-6)
WEEK 14Atlanta (4-7)Tampa Bay (2-9)
WEEK 15at Buffalo (6-5)Minnesota (4-7)
WEEK 16at Tampa Bay (2-9)at Chicago (5-6)
WEEK 17Detroit (7-4)at Green Bay (8-3)


NFC South

OPP. RECORD31-23-1 (.573)21-33-1 (.391)21-34 (.382)
WEEK 13Arizona (9-2)at Pittsburgh (7-4)at Minnesota (4-7)
WEEK 14at Green Bay (8-3)Carolina (3-7-1)at New Orleans (4-7)
WEEK 15Pittsburgh (7-4)at Chicago (5-6)Tampa Bay (2-9)
WEEK 16at New Orleans (4-7)Atlanta (4-7)Cleveland (7-4)
WEEK 17Carolina (3-7-1)at Tampa Bay (2-9)at Atlanta (4-7)


NFC West

OPP. RECORD29-26 (.527)31-24 (.564)35-20 (.636)
WEEK 13at Atlanta (4-7)Seattle (7-4)at San Francisco (7-4)
WEEK 14Kansas City (7-4)at Oakland (1-10)at Philadelphia (8-3)
WEEK 15at St. Louis (4-7)at Seattle (7-4)San Francisco (7-4)
WEEK 16Seattle (7-4)San Diego (7-4)at Arizona (9-2)
WEEK 17at San Francisco (7-4)Arizona (9-2)St. Louis (4-7)


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NFL 2014 - NFC Playoff Picture - Week 13