NFL 2014: AFC Playoff Picture - Week 13
NFL 2014: AFC Playoff Picture - Week 13


Entering Week 13 of the 2014 NFL season, there are 16 teams with at least seven wins, the most ever through 11 games. Nine of those 16 teams reside in the AFC, setting the stage for an exciting playoff race over the next five weeks.

In the AFC North, the first division in NFL history in which every team is at least three games above .500 at any point in the season, only a half game separates all four teams. First-place Cincinnati (7-3-1) is currently maintaining the slimmest of margins over Baltimore (7-4), Cleveland (7-4) and Pittsburgh (7-4).

"You're going to have to win a lot of games to make the playoffs in our conference," says Baltimore head coach JOHN HARBAUGH. "It's just a fact. You're going to need every win you can get."

The remaining strength of schedule for the 11 AFC teams either in or within one game of a playoff spot:

AFC East

OPP. RECORD29-26 (.527)33-22 (.600)24-31 (.436)
WEEK 13at Green Bay (8-3)Cleveland (7-4)at New York Jets (2-9)
WEEK 14at San Diego (7-4)at Denver (8-3)Baltimore (7-4)
WEEK 15Miami (6-5)Green Bay (8-3)at New England (9-2)
WEEK 16at New York Jets (2-9)at Oakland (1-10)Minnesota (4-7)
WEEK 17Buffalo (6-5)at New England (9-2)New York Jets (2-9)


AFC North

OPP. RECORD31-24 (.564)26-29 (.473)30-23-2 (.564)25-28-2 (.473)
WEEK 13at Tampa Bay (2-9)San Diego (7-4)at Buffalo (6-5)New Orleans (4-7)
WEEK 14Pittsburgh (7-4)at Miami (6-5)Indianapolis (7-4)at Cincinnati (3-7-1)
WEEK 15at Cleveland (7-4)Jacksonville (1-10)Cincinnati (7-3-1)at Atlanta (4-7)
WEEK 16Denver (8-3)at Houston (5-6)at Carolina (3-7-1)Kansas City (7-4)
WEEK 17at Pittsburgh (7-4)Cleveland (7-4)at Baltimore (7-4)Cincinnati (7-3-1)


AFC South

OPP. RECORD25-30 (.455)
WEEK 13Washington (3-8)
WEEK 14at Cleveland (7-4)
WEEK 15Houston (5-6)
WEEK 16at Dallas (8-3)
WEEK 17at Tennessee (2-9)


AFC West

OPP. RECORD28-26-1 (.518)32-23 (.582)38-17 (.691)
WEEK 13at Kansas City (7-4)Denver (8-3)at Baltimore (7-4)
WEEK 14Buffalo (6-5)at Arizona (9-2)New England (9-2)
WEEK 15at San Diego (7-4)Oakland (1-10)Denver (8-3)
WEEK 16at Cincinnati (7-3-1)at Pittsburgh (7-4)at San Francisco (7-4)
WEEK 17Oakland (1-10)San Diego (7-4)at Kansas City (7-4)


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NFL 2014 - AFC Playoff Picture - Week 13