First-half goals by Islam Slimani and Rafik Halliche helped Algeria to a 4-2 victory over South Korea on Sunday, leaving the African nation second in Group H with one match left to play

President Obama ruefully returned from Asia. The Obama "pivot" to Asia from the Middle East was always a mysterious initiative. Why? What could it mean other than a provocation or threat to China? Yet his trip excluded China

Policy analysts, pundits, and politicians have long predicted that the North Korea will go the way of East Germany. The Kim dynasty in North Korea has been expected to collapse at any minute. This minute, of course, has lasted for more than two decades

Does China's ambivalence toward America's sanctions regime in North Korea imply a challenge to the broader international order? If not, then the supposed rivalry between the United States and China -- at least as far as North Korea is concerned -- may have little significance

Although the danger of an arms race is serious, humanity faces another, potentially more devastating peril. I refer to the spread of deserts and semi-desert regions in North Korea as a result of the reckless logging of forests, the misuse of soil, and irresponsible farming practices

By targeting public officials who scrutinize the country's notorious internal intelligence service, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye is rolling back hard-won democratic gains in South Korea



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  • Check out the photos from the Group H matchup between Algeria and South Korea at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil - Algeria vs South Korea Pictures

  • Veteran Alexander Kerzhakov scored three minutes after coming on as a substitute to rescue a 1-1 draw for Russia in their World Cup Group H opener against South Korea

  • Check out the photos from the Group H matchup between South Korea and Russia at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

  • The cycle of saber-rattling and counter saber-rattling resolves nothing and worsens the situation. Continued rounds of aggressive posturing increase the likelihood of a dangerous miscalculation that could trigger outright conflict on the Korean Peninsula

  • China's alliance with North Korea seems like a Cold War relic with little reason for persisting. However, Beijing's continued support for Pyongyang is not rooted in shared ideology or past cooperation nearly as much as in China's own security calculations

  • The significance of the shift from Europe to the Pacific is overrated, since Europe is much richer and more important to the American economy than China or any other Asian nation other than Japan. The US could in fact do well with a movement toward isolationism

  • Some experts believe North Korea's posturing is still another ploy to obtain foreign aid, and that is certainly one of the goals. But at the same time, this provocative series of events is drawing more international attention than previous inflammatory moments

  • The present crisis with North Korea offers us a glimpse of what, and what not, to expect should Iran get the bomb. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would gain the attention currently being paid to Kim Jong-un -- similarly not otherwise earned by his nation's economy or cultural influence

  • North Korea's primary goal is regime preservation. Demonstrating ferocity makes other countries cautious. Weakness prevents other countries from taking drastic action. The pretense of insanity makes North Korea appear completely unpredictable

  • The Asian 'little Tigers' -- Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau -- have small families. In one ranking of total fertility rates, these places are at the bottom, with rates of 1.25 or below. The consequences of this are stark

  • The news from North Korea has of late been of the frightening variety. What the North Korean leadership is hoping to achieve by its belligerence is anyone's guess, but the aggressive American response has only escalated tension

  • It is really not so odd that we would find Dennis Rodman partying heartily with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. After all, they have so much in common. They both love basketball, self-promotion and keeping the world guessing about their sanity

  • Dennis Rodman claims that the FBI is thinking of sending him back to North Korea later this year as an informant. His first visit to North Korea included a meeting with dictator Kim Jong-un

  • China’s relations with North Korea have deteriorated, and could further worsen should the North carry out its nuclear test. It is believed China would respond to a third nuclear test with economic, political and military measures

  • The U.N.'s top human rights official is calling for an international inquiry into what she calls the 'deplorable human rights situation' in North Korea

  • Just hours after North Korea delayed the much-criticized rocket launch program, Japan said that it would remain on full alert as Pyongyang has opened the lift-off window

  • In an effort to boost consumer spending amidst slowing exports, South Korea has announced a new round of stimulus package

  • Determination can move mountains -- and help erase a few records. That perhaps is the motto of South Korean archer, Im Dong-hyun, who eclipsed his 72-arrow world record at the hallowed Lord's cricket ground turf with a score of 699

  • Following the outrage over the London Olympic Games organizers unfurling South Korea's flag instead of the communist North's before a women's soccer match, IOC president Jacques Rogge and LOGOC officials tender apology

  • South Korea confirmed it would implement expanded United Nations sanctions on North Korea, despite dire warnings from Pyongyang about the consequences

  • It's time to start withdrawing American troops from the Korean peninsula and kickstart diplomatic progress in Northeast Asia -- and save the United States billions of dollars a year to boot

  • Next year is the 60th anniversary of the armistice that ended the hot war but left the Korean peninsula technically and legally still at war. A former missionary reflects on the possibility for peace on the Korean peninsula

  • The new North Korean leader likes Disney. But that's not necessarily a sign that he's leaning westward

  • North Korea and Russia may be chummy, but South Korea and Japan remain suspicious of North Korea's motives.

  • North Korea has accused the South Korean government of plotting to destroy its socialist system

  • All seems placid in the Far East. There is, of course, the lunatic regime of North Korea. However ... China seems content with its political menu of stability, reassurance and an ever-growing economy. Japan has ceded its place as No. 2 in the world economy to China, and now seeks to reconcile its impressive industrial base. Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan push on in becoming more rich

  • In the wake of the sinking of the Cheonan - South Korea's corvette in March 2010 with the loss of 46 lives - and the dramatic, surprise revelations in November of a new and massive North Korean uranium enrichment centrifuge facility, international opinion was already beginning to worry about the intentions of the Kim Jong-il administration.

  • No other country presents so serious a problem for the world today, and no other problem seems as insoluble: Right now, North Korea's malign behavior could conceivably draw the United States into still another war. Most everyone considers North Korea mercurial, unpredictable. But in fact, its behavior usually follows a consistent pattern

  • Following years of deadlock, the United States and North Korea finally struck a deal. But it raises questions about whether this is a step in the right direction or another North Korean ploy

  • Despite the recent change in North Korea's leadership, it is important that talks resume between North Korea and Japan

  • Asia is spending more on the military and selling more weapons to the world

  • Every time I visit South Korea, I am struck by two things, vastly in contrast. The first is its prosperity and the people's very clear economic purpose to drive forward to an even better life. The second is its strategic and military insecurity, its acute sense of precariousness, its daily awareness that military power counts

  • The Korean Peninsula remains volatile. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by North Korea, the modernization of conventional forces across the region, and nascent great-power rivalries highlight the endemic security dilemmas that plague this part of Asia.