NFL 2016: Turnovers Key To Winning
NFL 2016: Turnovers Key To Winning

What is one of the keys to success in the NFL? Winning the turnover battle certainly ranks high on the list.

"It's all about the number of possessions," says NFL Network analyst and former NFL head coach STEVE MARIUCCI about the importance of turnovers. "It's about possession time, clock time and the number of chances to score points. It's quite evident that if you lose the turnover battle, then you lose a very high percentage of those games."

Last season, six of the top seven teams in net turnover differential -- Carolina (+20), Kansas City (+14), Cincinnati (+11), Arizona (+9), New England (+7) and Seattle (+7) -- made the playoffs and combined for a 73-23 record (.760).

Team Turnover Battle

Team Takeaways Giveaways Differential Record
Source: NFL *Playoff Team


"Forcing a turnover is an impact play," says Panthers head coach RON RIVERA, whose team led the NFL last season with a +20 turnover differential. "It gets your offense back on the field and it swings momentum."

Last year, the NFC champion Panthers (+20) tied for the highest turnover differential of any of the previous 10 Super Bowl participating teams (Seattle, Super Bowl XLVIII). Carolina's +20 turnover differential also tied for the fifth-best margin by any team to reach the Super Bowl in NFL history.


Season Team Super Bowl Differential
Source: NFL *Won Super Bowl


The Chiefs, who ranked second in the league in 2015 with a +14 net turnover differential, won 11 consecutive games last season and posted a +20 net turnover differential during their winning streak.

"Turnovers can be demoralizing to the opposing team, especially when points are scored as a result of them," says Kansas City head coach ANDY REID. "It can be a real momentum swing during the course of the game."

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