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Big Game Day Recipes - Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast - Sustainable Eating Made Easy

It's simple to incorporate mushrooms into recipes such as this Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast.

The needs of grocery shoppers are seemingly always evolving, and now more than ever, they want to know where and how their food is produced and what impact it has on the environment. This is commonly referred to as “sustainable eating,” and its popularity is growing among shoppers.

Plant-based diets are a tenet of sustainable eating and mushrooms are often included as part of the movement. Known for their inherent umami flavor and nutrition properties, mushrooms are recognized for their unique growing process and need for minimal natural resources used during production, which makes mushrooms both healthy on the plate and gentle on the planet.

In addition, mushrooms are a versatile ingredient, and with so many fresh varieties to choose from, it’s simple to incorporate them into most meals. Favorites like this Sauteed Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast may hit the spot morning, noon and night.

    Prep Time: 10 minutes

    Cook time: 10 minutes

    Yield: 4 Servings

Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast Recipe Ingredients

    1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, plus additional, for drizzling

    1/4 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes

    8 ounces sliced button mushrooms

    1/4 cup water

    1/2 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves kosher salt, to taste

    2 ripe avocados, pitted, peeled and sliced

    4 slices toasted bread

    shaved Parmesan cheese

Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast Recipe Instructions

    - In skillet, heat 1 tablespoon oil over medium heat. Add tomatoes and cook 1 minute. Add mushrooms and gently incorporate with tomatoes. Add water and stir well until water evaporates and mushrooms darken and become tender, about 4 minutes. Add thyme and salt, to taste. Set aside to cool.

    - To assemble, gently smash half of each avocado over one slice of toast. Top each slice of toast with mushroom mixture. Top each with Parmesan cheese and drizzle with olive oil before serving.


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Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast, Roasted Mushrooms, - Sustainable Eating Made Easy

Source: Mushroom Council


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Sauteed Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Avocado Toast - Sustainable Eating Made Easy

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