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  • Here's a fresh-tasting, delicious summer vegetable saute that goes perfectly with grilled or sauteed meat like the lamb featured here, poultry, or seafood. You'll find the flavors, textures, and colors so fresh, sweet, and appealing that you'll want to make it again and again

  • Grilled Lamb Chops and Couscous with Asparagus, Mint and Almonds is a quick all-in-one main course. Tender rib lamb chops are marinated in orange juice, garlic and oil, and then popped on the grill for only a few minutes. Buttered couscous tossed with sliced, blanched asparagus, toasted almonds, and mint makes a fast and delicious side

  • Lamb loins offer a tasty, low-fat change of pace from beef. Orange juice gives the marinade a sweet, fresh taste, and rosemary -- one of the best herbs to use when cooking lamb -- perks up the recipe.

  • If you're planning on serving lamb this Easter, why not try something a bit different from the standard leg roast? Lamb shanks, with their rich flavor and make-ahead feature, never seem to go out of style. This California bistro-style lamb shank dish is perfect for a dinner party as well.

  • I could list any number of excellent arguments for why you should try it. Goat meat is leaner than beef, pork and even chicken. Goats themselves are easy to raise in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways, and most are. Eating locally raised goat meat also supports a small and growing American industry. But the best reason to try goat is this: It is just so delicious