It is hard to believe it has been four years since South Africa opened its doors and welcomed everyone for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. And now, Brazil is preparing to do the same

South African President Jacob Zuma and his party the African National Congress are expected to win upcoming elections, despite allegations of corruption and misconduct

South Africans head to the polls on May 7th, 20 years after Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress won the country's first democratic elections. The ANC is expected to win again, but issues of poverty and corruption persist

Many violent revolutionaries became peacemakers once their oppressors were removed from power. Whether Mandela experienced a conversion, or simply adapted a more pragmatic path to his goals, I cannot say. Let us charitably assume the best about a man who ended an evil

At a time of bitterly divided politics, the passing of Nelson Mandela offers us a valuable reminder of how great leaders can bridge great divides and get reconciliation right

The First World War broke out barely four years after the Union of South Africa had been established as a political entity. It was a union in name only; underneath the surface there were divisions along language lines and between white and black



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  • Africa is the one remaining region where big families are the norm. Fertility is still high with five births per woman and rapid population growth is inevitable. Africa's population will more than double from 900 million today to 1.96 billion by 2050

  • Despite his repeated brushes with the law, a poor performance in his first term and a general sense that at the age of 70 he is unfit for leadership, Jacob Zuma won a second term as president of the ANC with 75 per cent of the vote

  • South African Olympic star Oscar Pistorius appeared in court after being charged with murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, at his home. The Pistorius family issued a statement disputing the murder charge

  • South African running star Oscar Pistorius -- the first double-amputee to run at the Olympics -- will appear in court on murder charges after a woman was shot dead at his residence

  • Oscar Pistorius, known as 'Blade Runner' for his use of carbon fiber prosthetic blades in Olympic competition, has been charged with murder for allegedly killing his girlfriend at his home

  • Two South African women may have helped unlock the key to a vaccine to rid the world of one its deadliest epidemics, according to new research released by South African HIV experts

  • The Plaatjies family shack is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it has an independent electricity supply as well as an alarm system

  • Sexual violence and the subsequent spread of HIV is 'regrettably common' in South Africa's prisons. The severe rate of overcrowding exacerbates the situation

  • South Africa is hosting this year's Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament, but you would not know it to look around Johannesburg. It is a far cry from the mania that washed over South Africa when it hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup

  • Measures implemented in South Africa over the past four years have failed to defuse continuing resentment of foreigners or to ensure justice for victims of xenophobic violence

  • Brandishing a plea for developed countries to make good their promises to reduce carbon emissions, 300 farmers, youths and activists took the scenic route to the COP17 conference in Durban, travelling more than 7,000km from Burundi in 17 days, through 10 eastern and southern African countries, aboard a convoy of buses draped in various national flags

  • South Africa has chosen World AIDS Day 2011 to launch its new national strategic plan that, for the first time, will guide not only the national fight against HIV but also tuberculosis (TB) until 2016. The document contains several major policy changes, including the immediate provision of lifelong antiretroviral (ARV) drugs to all HIV-positive mothers and TB patients, as well as a focus on positive prevention

  • Doreen Sibanda, 27, was among the first undocumented Zimbabwean nationals to be deported in early October 2011 after South Africa apparently lifted its more than two year moratorium on expulsions imposed following widespread xenophobic violence in 2008

  • Mothers, babies and newly diagnosed HIV patients are receiving more of the services they need but progress comes at a cost, according to a new report that predicts a funding shortfall for HIV treatment in South Africa

  • Genetically modified food aid bound for Africa has long been a bone of contention among governments, scientists, activists, consumers and aid workers

  • A report released by Human Rights Watch shows that maternal deaths have quadrupled in South Africa

  • In the space of four weeks the vuvuzela became the defining sound, shape and buzzword of Africa's first FIFA World Cup. It is on everyone's lips -- both literally and figuratively -- and is likely to gets its place in the Oxford English dictionary some time soon