According to a report, which measures the value of all college degrees, certain college majors just don't pay off financially. Here's the Top 10 Most Useless College Degrees:


Useless College Majors Not Worth the Money

1. Culinary arts

2. Fashion design

3. Art history

4. Music

5. Biology

6. Communications

7. Philosophy

8. Psychology

9. Criminal Justice

10. Creative Writing


I don't make these videos in order to make fun of people that have gotten these degrees, only to illustrate that this industry of college degrees and student loan debt has gotten completely out of control.

Thirsty universities(that are only concerned with their own profits) are pumping out graduates who spent four years of their lives and have (on average) nearly $40k in student loans and many of them are graduating with degrees that won't help them get jobs.

There is no consequence to the colleges themselves, they have no skin in the game. After you graduate, you're on your own. In fact, they will probably call you begging you for donations to their alumni association.

The lack of accountability to colleges means that they will continue to raise prices and create majors and degrees that don't necessarily prepare you for a career in the real world.

This is sad and needs to stop. Hope you enjoy the video, enjoy!

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College Majors That Don't Pay Off - Top 10 Most Useless College Degrees

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