Super Bowl History by the Numbers
Super Bowl History by the Numbers

Nineteen different NFL teams have won the Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers (6--2) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the New England Patriots (5--4), the Dallas Cowboys (5--3), and the San Francisco 49ers (5--1) have won five Super Bowls apiece. The NFC holds a 26-25 advantage over the AFC teams in Super Bowl wins.

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Super Bowl Appearances, Wins, Losses, Winning %

Team Games Wins Losses %
Source: NFL
Pittsburgh Steelers862.750
Dallas Cowboys853.625
New England Patriots1054.556
San Francisco 49ers651.833
Green Bay Packers541.800
New York Giants541.800
Denver Broncos835.375
Los Angeles / Oakland Raiders532.600
Washington Redskins532.600
Miami Dolphins523.400
Baltimore / Indianapolis Colts422.500
Baltimore Ravens2201.000
St. Louis / Los Angeles Rams312.333
Seattle Seahawks312.333
Chicago Bears211.500
Kansas City Chiefs211.500
New Orleans Saints1101.000
New York Jets1101.000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1101.000
Buffalo Bills404.000
Minnesota Vikings404.000
Atlanta Falcons202.000
Carolina Panthers202.000
Cincinnati Bengals202.000
Philadelphia Eagles302.000
Arizona Cardinals101.000
Tennessee Titans101.000
San Diego / Los Angeles Chargers101.000
Cleveland Browns000.000
Detroit Lions000.000
Houston Texans000.000
Jacksonville Jaguars000.000

Super Bowl Results

Year Champion Opponent Score
Source: NFL
2017New England PatriotsAtlanta Falcons34-28
2016Denver BroncosCarolina Panthers24-10
2015New England PatriotsSeattle Seahawks28-24
2014Seattle SeahawksDenver Broncos43-8
2013Baltimore RavensSan Francisco 49ers34-31
2012New York GiantsNew England Patriots21-17
2011Green Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers31-25
2010New Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts31-17
2009Pittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23
2008New York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14
2007Indianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17
2006Pittsburgh SteelersSeattle Seahawks21-10
2005New England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles24-21
2004New England PatriotsCarolina Panthers32-29
2003Tampa Bay BuccaneersOakland Raiders48-21
2002New England PatriotsSt. Louis Rams20-17
2001Baltimore RavensNew York Giants34-7
2000St. Louis RamsTennessee Titans23-16
1999Denver BroncosAtlanta Falcons34-19
1998Denver BroncosGreen Bay Packers31-24
1997Green Bay PackersNew England Patriots35-21
1996Dallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers27-17
1995San Francisco 49ersSan Diego Chargers49-26
1994Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills30-13
1993Dallas CowboysBuffalo Bills52-17
1992Washington RedskinsBuffalo Bills37-24
1991New York GiantsBuffalo Bills20-19
1990San Francisco 49ersDenver Broncos55-10
1989San Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals20-16
1988Washington RedskinsDenver Broncos42-10
1987New York GiantsDenver Broncos39-20
1986Chicago BearsNew England Patriots46-10
1985San Francisco 49ersMiami Dolphins38-16
1984Los Angeles RaidersWashington Redskins38-9
1983Washington RedskinsMiami Dolphins27-17
1982San Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals26-21
1981Oakland RaidersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10
1980Pittsburgh SteelersLos Angeles Rams31-19
1979Pittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys35-31
1978Dallas CowboysDenver Broncos27-10
1977Oakland RaidersMinnesota Vikings32-14
1976Pittsburgh SteelersDallas Cowboys21-17
1975Pittsburgh SteelersMinnesota Vikings16-6
1974Miami DolphinsMinnesota Vikings24-7
1973Miami DolphinsWashington Redskins14-7
1972Dallas CowboysMiami Dolphins24-3
1971Baltimore ColtsDallas Cowboys16-13
1970Kansas City ChiefsMinnesota Vikings23-7
1969Baltimore ColtsBaltimore Colts16-7
1968Oakland RaidersLos Angeles Raiders33-14
1967Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs35-10

Back-to-Back Super Bowl Winners

Seven different team have won back-to-back Super Bowls, including the Pittsburgh Steelers who have accomplished it twice. If the Patriots win Super Bowl 52, then they will join the Steelers in winning back-to-back Super Bowls twice.

Team Super Bowls
Source: NFL
Green Bay PackersSuper Bowls I & II
Miami DolphinsSuper Bowls VII & VIII
Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowls IX & X
Pittsburgh SteelersSuper Bowls XIII & XIV
San Francisco 49ersSuper Bowls XXIII & XXIV
Dallas CowboysSuper Bowls XXVII & XXVIII
Denver BroncosSuper Bowls XXXII & XXXIII
New England PatriotsSuper Bowls XXXVIII & XXXIX

NFL Players with the Most Super Bowl Rings

Points Scored in a Super Bowl Game

75 - Most Total Points Scored in a Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXIX in which the San Francisco 49ers won 49--26 over the San Diego Chargers. Two Super Bowls totaled 69 combined points -- Super Bowl XXXVII (Buccaneers 48, Raiders 21) and Super Bowl XXVII (Cowboys 52, Bills 17). In Super Bowl XIII (Steelers 35, Cowboys 31), the combined total was 66 points.

55 - Most points scored by a team in a Super Bowl

Super Bowl XXIV when the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Denver Broncos 55 to 10. The 49ers are the only team to score at least eight TDs in a Super Bowl. The Cowboys came close in Super Bowl XXVII with 52 points (Cowboys 52, Bills 17).

45 - Biggest Blowouts in a Super Bowl

The 49ers' 45-point margin of victory in Super Bowl XXIV is the largest ever. In Super Bowl XX, the Chicago Bears won by 36 points (Bears 46 - Patriots 10). In Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seattle Seahawks won by 35 (Seahawks 43 - Denver Broncos 8) as did the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII (Dallas Cowboys 52 - Buffalo Bills 17). Washington defeated the Broncos by a margin of 32 points (42-10) in Super Bowl XXII.

21 - Lowest total points in a Super Bowl

Super Bowl VII is the lowest-scoring Super Bowl to date with a total of only 21 points (3 touchdown and 3 extra points) in which the Miami Dolphins won 14-7 over the Washington Redskins.

Closest Games in Super Bowl History

Super Bowl 51 between the Patriots and Falcons since it required overtime after Super Bowl 51 was all knotted up at 28 at the end of regulation. The Patriots won 34-28 in overtime over the Atlanta Falcons.

In terms of the final score -- Super Bowl XXV (Giants 20-19 Over the Bills); Super Bowl V (Colts beat the Cowboys 16-13); Super Bowl XXXVI (New England defeated the Rams 20-17); Super Bowl XLII (Giants over the Patriots 17-14); Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots beat the Panthers 32-29); and Super Bowl XLIX (Patriots over the Seahawks 28-24).

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