Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Whether you have home field advantage or you're a visitor for the day, crowd noise won't have any effect on these Super Bowl party foods.

When it comes to snacking on Super Bowl Sunday, choose healthy high-fiber options, such as guacamole, hummus, and whole-wheat pizza.

Set the tone right from the start with these tasty snacks:


While hummus is easy to buy, it's also one of the easiest dips to make. Most prepared hummus is made with simple, natural ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. Avoid dips and spreads made with sour cream, cream cheese and processed oils. If you want to make your own, this low-fat hummus is a good source of fiber:

    Prep Time: 10 minutes

    Yield: Serves 6

Hummus Ingredients

    1 16-oz. can of organic chickpeas

    1/4 cup liquid from can of chickpeas

    3-5 tablespoons lemon juice (depending on taste)

    1 1/2 tablespoons tahini

    2 cloves garlic, crushed

    1/2 teaspoon salt

    1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

Hummus Recipe Instructions

    Drain chickpeas and set aside 1/4 cup of liquid from the can. Combine all ingredients except reserved liquid in a blender or food processor. Add the reserved liquid from the can of chickpeas. Blend on low speed until hummus is thoroughly mixed and smooth. Drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil over top and stir.

    Place in serving bowl, and create a shallow well in the center of the hummus.

BBQ Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are great grilled on the barbecue or baked in the oven. If you choose to barbecue, pre-baking the chicken in the oven first will ensure that the chicken is cooked through. The secret to these finger-licking wings is that they are coated in sauce before they are cooked and tossed in sauce after cooking.

    Prep Time: 15 minutes

    Cook time: 30 minutes

    Yield: 20 whole chicken wings

BBQ Chicken Wings Ingredients

    20 chicken wings

    1 cup barbecue sauce, divided

BBQ Chicken Wings Recipe Instructions

    Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C).

    Wash the chicken wings and dry them well. Remove the wing tips, and split the wings into flats and drumettes if desired.

    Toss the raw wings with 1/2 cup of the sauce and place them in a 9- x 13-inch lasagna dish in the oven.

    If you're finishing the wings on the barbecue, bake for 30 minutes, then place on a preheated grill at medium heat until fully cooked and colored to your liking, about 15 minutes. For the oven method, bake for 45 minutes, then turn the oven to broil. Continue to cook until the wings are fully cooked and browned to your liking, approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

    Remove the wings from the oven or barbecue, place in a large bowl and add the remaining 1/2 cup sauce. Toss until evenly coated. These wings are great hot or cold.

Tofu Chili

A game staple, chili is easy to prepare, and it doesn't have to be loaded with cholesterol or fat. This heart-healthy tofu chili is tasty and packed with spices. Add more kale if you like, making this an easy way to get your greens in, too!

    Prep Time: 20 minutes

    Cook time: 30 minutes

    Yield: Serves 6

Tofu Chili Ingredients

    2 tablespoons chili powder

    1 teaspoon ground cumin

    1 teaspoon paprika

    1 teaspoon dried oregano

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon sugar

    1 14 oz. package of Nasoya or Azumaya firm or extra-firm tofu

    1 tablespoon olive oil

    1 onion chopped

    1 carrot chopped

    2 garlic cloves minced

    1 red bell pepper chopped

    1 28-oz. can crushed tomatoes

    1 15-oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained

    1 cup chopped fresh kale or 1 (10-oz.) package frozen chopped kale, defrosted and drained

    1/2 cup sliced black olives (optional)

Tofu Chili Recipe Instructions

    In a medium bowl, mix together the chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, salt, and sugar and set aside.

    Crumble the tofu into the bowl of spices and stir until the tofu is thoroughly coated with the spices. Set aside.

    Heat the oil in a large heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat.

    Add the onion, carrot, and garlic and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes. Add the red bell pepper and cook, stirring for 5 minutes. Add the reserved tofu and cook, stirring for 5 minutes. Add the tomatoes, black beans, kale, and olives if using.

    Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer until the kale is tender, 2 to 7 minutes-the cooking time will take longer if you use fresh rather than frozen kale.

    Season to taste and serve.

If you're feeling pressured to deliver maximum flavor but aren't inclined to cook, score a touchdown with these Super Bowl-worthy brands from your local supermarket or natural foods store:

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Oogave Natural Sodas

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