Going Green Organic Smoothies Recipes
Organic Smoothies

In any healthy diet, it is always suggested that we consume more greens -- spinach, swiss chard, kale, romaine, dandelion and so forth. You have heard, read about and perhaps occasionally consume these sometimes intimidating "creatures."

But let's face it, there are only so many salads one can consume, never mind how much dressing must be slathered on some of them in order to get through a bowlful.

Don't worry, there's a tasty alternative: the green smoothie.

Try tossing that salad into the blender along with fruit and either water or juice, and you've got a nutritionally dense glass of glory, loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids -- 50 percent being Omega 3s -- enzymes, fiber, chlorophyll and antioxidants.

In fact, Organic Smoothies may be the best way to absorb the nutrients that your body needs.

Here's why.

First off, when we simply chew our greens -- unless we spend minutes of intense grinding with each mouthful -- we simply cannot break through many of the tough cellulose walls that hold the bounty of nutrients. Blending effectively breaks down and "chews" our food for us, and we receive 100 percent of the benefits.

Second, blending condenses what seems like a mountain of greens to a very small amount of liquid, which makes eating up to a half of a pound or even a pound per day much easier. This makes the ruffage even easier for our bodies to digest. Plus, it tastes amazing and is low in fat.

For anyone looking to lose a little weight, greens, more than any other food group, match our nutritional needs most completely. With regular consumption of green smoothies the body becomes nourished, and as a result cravings and overeating diminish.

No matter what your diet, a green smoothie at least once a day will improve your health.

Mulled Orchard Smoothie

This Mulled Orchard Smoothie is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and antioxidants. And it tastes great.

    Prep Time: 5 minutes

    Yield: Serves 1

Mulled Orchard Smoothie Ingredients

    1 peach

    2 apples

    2 large handfuls mixed greens (like spinach or a Greens Powder)

    2 cups chai tea chilled

Mulled Orchard Smoothie Instructions

    Place all smoothie ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

    For extra flavor add any natural sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg and/or cardamom.

Berry Dream Smoothie

This Berry Dream Smoothie is a nutritionally-dense drink packed with antioxidants; loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (EFAs), enzymes and fiber! Add a scoop of non-rbgh whey protein to the mix for protein boost!

    Prep Time: 5 minutes

    Yield: Serves 1

Berry Dream Smoothie Ingredients

    1 cup strawberries

    1/2 cup raspberries

    1/2 cup blueberries

    4-5 leaves of kale

    2 cups of water

Berry Dream Smoothie Instructions

    Place all smoothie ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

    For extra sweetness add stevia or any natural sweetener


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Organic Smoothies Recipes - Mulled Orchard & Berry Dream Smoothies

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