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Your Company's Public relations: Sample Tips Press Release

Press releases that focus on tips and hints can work very well to position you or your company as an authority. They're easy to write, fun to read, and have a good chance of grabbing an editor's attention. Keep your tips focused and be sure to stress benefits. A baker could help people buy the perfect cake; a telecommunications consultant could provide 10 ways for companies to lower their long distance bills; a dry cleaner could give tips on how to remove certain troubling stains.

In this exampl Tips / Hints press release, a wedding planner gives 5 things to think about when buying a wedding present. This press release would be sent out to newspapers, magazines, TV shows and radio stations when weddings are common -- probably around June.

The tips are short and practical, and can almost be reprinted verbatim. Plus, the quotes act as "sound bites" and demonstrate that the author would be a good interview for a radio or television station. The "Note to Editors" at the end reinforces that the author is available for interviews.

Ann Switzel
Jeanne Pierpont Weddings
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Choose the Perfect Wedding Present

Wedding Consultant Jeanne Pierpont's 5 Tips
for Giving a Great Gift...and Avoiding the Peanut Clock

Now that the June wedding season is upon us, you'll no doubt be looking for the perfect gift for the new bride and groom.

Wedding planner June Pierpont, author of "The New June Bride" (published Figgis Publishing), interviewed over 400 couples to find out what gifts they liked the best. The most important thing she discovered was that couples are most appreciative of gifts that they've actually registered for. "Many were frustrated that they received a dozen crystal punchbowls, but couldn't complete their flatware service," Pierpont notes. "It seems like they really wanted their guests to stick to what they put on the registry."

The weirdest gifts? "That's a tough one," says Pierpont. "Their were plenty of gaudy trinkets and hand-me downs. One couple got what could be best described as a peanut clock - the timepiece was made completely out of shells. But the strangest one has got to be the couple that received a case of deviled ham. To make matters worse, they were vegetarians."

To help gift givers, Pierpont used the information she got from the new couples to come up with these 5 tips:


1. Stay with the Registry

Brides and grooms can now register at so many different places, from department stores to hardware stores. Be sure to find out where the couple is registered and buy a gift from the registry. This way you'll give them what they want.

2. Think Practical

Today's young marrieds often want things that they can use every day. So don't be afraid to give a set of kitchen gadgets instead of a crystal vase.

3. If in Doubt, Cash is Fine

Surprisingly, many couples felt that cash did not have the sentimental value that a gift did. So if you do write a check, be sure to include a heartfelt note as well that the bride and groom will remember.

4. Ship It, Don't Bring It

Almost every couple interviewed said they would rather get a gift late than have to drag it home from the reception hall.

5. Be Sure Its Returnable

No matter what you give the new couple, try to make sure they can bring it back to the store it was bought from. This way, if they've gotten multiples (this even happens with registries) or just don't like the gift, they can exchange it for something they want.


Pierpont's book, "The New June Bride," covers everything it takes to plan a wedding that will be remembered. Its full of practical advice -- from engagement rings to thank-you notes, from what to look for in a band to choosing the most flattering gown. Available at bookstores everywhere for $19.95 from Figgis Publishing.

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NOTE TO EDITORS AND PRODUCERS: Jeanne Pierpont is available for interviews. Contact Ann Switzel at (212) 555-5555.


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