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Your Company's Public relations: Sample Event Press Release

If your company is doing something special, be sure to alert the press. You can be holding a grand opening...teaching a special class...or carrying a new line of products. In fact, many events are staged simply as a way of creating news...and getting coverage for a company. Think about film premieres, which are held primarily to generate publicity.

When you write your event announcement, be sure to include a reason for reporters to attend. It could be a ceremony where you're giving something to the city...or a celebrity appearance...or a special demonstration. Try to make it photogenic, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

If possible, send a release prior to the event, and then another one afterwards that includes a photograph of what happened. This gives you a second shot at coverage.

In the sample event announcement release, Angelo's Fish House is announcing a special event. Notice how the "media alert" (details about the event that would interest newspapers, radio stations, and television crews) is put up at the top and set apart from the body copy.

Bill Jackson
Angelo's Fish House
(516) 555-9000

It's Bluefin Tuna Month
at Angelo's Fish House


The Bluefin Are Running Again,
And They're Making Their Way to Diners at Angelo's


Note: Join Chef/Owner Angelo Marzunni as he prepares his world famous blackened barbecue tuna outside Angelo's Fish House on Thursday at noon to officially open Bluefin Tuna Month. Chef Angelo will be joined by several very special surprise guests (we can't tell you who they are, but you might know them from Angelo's "Celebrity Row" portrait gallery). Photo opportunities available.

SEASIDE VILLAGE, N.Y., July 27, YYYY -- Angelo's Fish House will celebrate bluefin tuna season by adding 8 special bluefin dishes to its renowned menu.

Bluefin Tuna Month will feature special appetizers, entrees and salads from the kitchen of chef/owner Angelo Marzunni -- including his famous blackened barbecue tuna and a brand new marinated tuna carpaccio. They will be available to diners only during the month of August, when the bluefin make their annual run along the coast of Long Island.

To open Bluefin Tuna Month, Chef Angelo will host a special cooking demonstration on Saturday, August 1 at noon. He will be prepare the blackened barbecue tuna, and share other bluefin tuna recipes. Entertainment will be provided by several "mystery" guests, long-time patrons and friends of Angelo's.

"The bluefin is one of the great eating fish -- meaty, delicate, and delicious," said Chef Angelo. "Unfortunately, they're only available for a short time. We want to celebrate the season by giving our customers the chance to enjoy this giant of the deep."


The special Bluefin Tuna Month menu will include:

    - Blackened Barbecue Tuna - A mix of cajun spices and charcoal grilling makes this Chef Angelo's signature dish.

    - Planked Tuna - grilled and smoked over mesquite

    - Tuna Carpaccio - paper-thin, marinated slices of fresh bluefin

    - Bluefin Tempura Sashimi -delicate nouvelle Japanese, served with Uni sauce

    - Tuna au Poivre - the famous bistro dish with a new twist

    - Salad Nicoise - Chef Angelo's take on the classic salad

    - Smoked Tuna - custom smoked for Angelo's

    - Tuna-touille - lightly grilled bluefin steaks topped with a ratatouille


Copies of Chef Angelo's Blackened Barbecue Tuna recipe are available for publication by contacting Bill Jackson at (516) 555-9000.

Angelo's Fish House, located on the water at 848 Main St. in Seaside Village, has been serving innovative seafood cuisine since 1982, It is open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. Reservations suggested.


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