Small Business Money Matters

More than one aspiring filmmaker tells the story of completing a first film project with a little gumption and a maxed-out credit card. Believe it or not, starting a business isn't much different. Small-business owners rely on credit, both for getting their businesses off the ground and for keeping them afloat -- though most entrepreneurs will tap more resources than a single piece of plastic.

You might find yourself in need of credit to receive goods from purveyors, finance product development, or fund ongoing business operations.

Whatever your company's reason, there are more sources for small-business credit than you might realize.

One of the biggest is the federal government:

Every year, the Small Business Administration makes available more than $100 million in small-business loans. You can approach the SBA directly or tap these funds through commercial banks. There are also sources of credit available for specific industries or demographics, such as businesses in the agricultural sector or women or minority entrepreneurs.

Your company's credit also provides an important hidden benefit.

Your creditors have a stake in your success. These creditors are allies who will work with you as you navigate the small-business challenge, whether it's a fresh produce purveyor providing vegetables to your restaurant or a bank providing you with a line of credit to finance your high-tech R&D. But as with that filmmaker with a credit card, the gumption is yours alone

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Small Business Money Matters - Credit for Your Small Business

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