Real Small Business

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 98 percent of companies in the United States are small businesses (defined as having fewer than 100 employees).

Small businesses truly drive our economy, so it's no wonder that organizations ranging from private business service providers to the United States government are eager to help small business owners.

Because there are so many helpful resources available -- and because so many of them are free of charge -- there's no reason not to take advantage of them. Finding the right resources for your business may be the biggest challenge. But with research, networking, and a little ingenuity, it's likely you'll find the help you need.

The Internet is an amazing tool for locating small business resources to help your business. You can search by industry, geographic location, or special interest, and harness the knowledge of your peers as well as experts and seasoned veterans. Once you've gained the experience and knowledge you need, consider helping others by making yourself available to other small business owners through local and online organizations that match up entrepreneurs with mentors.

Check out these Small Business Resources to help you understand what's available and how to make it work for you:


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Small Business Guide

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