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Your Company's Public relations: Sample Personnel Press Release

When you hire a new manager or other important person, you can send out a news release to announce it. Many local newspapers and industry publications print "new appointments" columns. It can also be gratifying to new employees to see that the company they've just joined is so happy to have them that they're sending out a press release.

In a personnel release, you want to focus on WHO is being named, WHAT they will do for your company, WHY they're appointment is important, and WHAT they did previously. Customize the information for the publication you're sending it to. For example, if you're sending this type of release to a local newspaper, you might want to include the home town of the person who has been hired, and other personal data. This type of information is not important if its being sent to an industry publication, which might like information on association membership

In this Personnel Press Release example, FlagBenders USA has appointed a new sales VP who will oversee the company's national expansion. Notice how the release goes beyond just the appointment and to show its impact.

Sally Smith
FlagBenders USA
(203) 555-5200


Flagbenders USA Names Jim Sweeney
Vice President Of Sales

Former Polemark Marketing VP Will Oversee
Growing Sales Rep Network

WEST VALDEVA, Conn; December 10, YYYY - FlagBenders USA, manufacturers and designers of custom flags and banners, has named Jim Sweeney as its new Vice President of Sales.

Mr. Sweeney, who had been Vice President of Marketing at rival Polemark, will be in charge of managing and increasing FlagBenders' network of sales representatives and distributors. FlagBenders, which has focused exclusively on the Northeast, will expand its efforts nationally. Mr. Sweeney will spearhead this drive.

"The expansion of our sales rep and distribution team further strengthens our ability to meet the needs of our customers," noted Sally Smith, President of FlagBenders USA. "Jim Sweeney's comprehensive understanding flag and banner sales and marketing will greatly benefit FlagBenders, our sales network, and our clients."

Before joining FlagBenders USA, Mr. Sweeney oversaw marketing for Polemark, where he put together that company's distribution network. While at Polemark, he won the 1991 Innovation Award from the International Banner Marketing Association.

Prior to Polemark, he worked for Mutual Outdoors, which creates outdoor and shelter advertising for a wide variety of companies.

Mr. Sweeney has an MBA in Marketing from State University, and a BA in Psychology from Le City College.

He and his wife Francis live in Beauville, CT.


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