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As a small business owner, every employee you hire is a crucial part of your team.

Employees who dodge responsibility, fail to address customer concerns or just don't care are significant liabilities to any enterprise -- all the more so when the company is small. Companies only succeed when everyone works together as a team -- whether it's to help make products, deal honestly with suppliers, or interact with customers.

That's why hiring staff is one of the most important challenges for anyone getting a small business off the ground.

Filling a position with the "right" person is more complicated than simply matching a job description to a job applicant's skills -- though crafting a realistic job description is an important first step. Being prepared to hire staff means putting thought into what kind of questions to ask a job applicant and anticipating what kind of person will work best with you -- as well as with everyone else, including your customers.

There are also legal issues to consider.

Some questions are off-limits (for example, it's illegal to ask whether a job applicant is married), but by all means, don't worry so much about all the rules that it takes the fun out of picking your future colleagues. A little preparation will give you the freedom to enjoy the process.

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