By Dean Michaels, NFL Writer

New Orleans, LA

The losers of the upcoming Super Bowl showdown between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will not go home empty handed.

In fact, fans of the losing Super Bowl team will receive thousands of free delightful goodies from Jell-0, multiple sources reported.

Jell-0 will be giving away their products for free in the losing team's local city as part of the promotions with the NFL.

Jell-0 insisted that they will make sure the gesture of giving sweets won't look like an insult in the eyes of the fans.

"It's a fine line and we don't want to ever come across as rubbing it in," said Greg Gallagher, senior brand manager for Jell-O. "But it was a big accomplishment to get to this game and we want to give these fans a little something to look forward to."

According to Jell-O, a former player from the losing squad will help the distribution of cups of chocolate pudding - Jell-O's best seller - while fans of the team that don't live in the area can download a coupon. Jell-0 has already created a special website where fans can download.

Jell-O: Still Sweet Delights for Losing Super Bowl XLVII Team's Fans