By Dean Michaels, NFL Writer

GoDaddy's 'sexy' Super Bowl XLVII commercial featured model Bar Refaeli kissing a total nerd stranger

Definitely not one of Go Daddy's best Super Bowl commercials. Not that tasteful or funny, this ad ranks as one of the worst of Super Bowl XLVII. But, hey, check it for yourself


Go Daddy's Super Bowl XLVII Commercial brings the lip action. Danica Patrick has starred in Go Daddy's Super Bowl ads since 2007 -- but this time, the race car driver has some crazy company joining her.

As a part of Go Daddy's new "Smart Meets Sexy" campaign, Super Model Bar Rafaeli shares an extremely long kiss with character actor Jesse Haiman. She obviously represents the sexy side while Heiman personifies the smart side. It's kind of funny, but really, really, incredibly awkward to watch

Go Daddy has said that the duo had to do 45 takes of the kiss, adding that Heiman afterward said he felt like he won the "championship of men." In fact, GO Daddy sent in other versions of the ad -- but the other two were rejected by CBS for being too indecent. This is both Bar and Jesse's first Super Bowl commercial, while Danica is quite the veteran, this is actually her 12th spot -- more than any other celebrity in history.

Super Bowl XLVII - Go Daddy's 'The Kiss' Super Bowl XLVII TV Commercial