LeBron James made the announcement that he would be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers in an exclusive essay for Sports Illustrated



​Dig out those old LeBron jerseys Cleveland fans -- King James is coming home.

"Breaking news out of the NBA. LeBron James tells Sports Illustrated quote, 'He's going home.'"

"'I'm coming home.' LeBron James is going back to Cleveland." ​

"He's leaving Miami and going back to play basketball in Cleveland. Expect that to dominate the sports headlines here for the rest of the day."

LeBron James made the announcement in a an exclusive essay for Sports Illustrated. Co-written with Lee Jenkins, LeBron writes, "My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn't realize that four years ago. I do now." The last sentence? "I'm coming home."

LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami four years ago with "The Decision."

Since joining the Miami Heat the team had won two championships and has been to the Finals four times.






"LeBron James to Cleveland: 'I'm Coming Home'"