How to Reach Your Career Goals
How to Reach Your Career Goals

by Erin Keene

Julie Stav has persevered in the face of many obstacles throughout the course of her education and career.

Now a financial expert, best-selling author and successful business owner, she dedicates her life to empowering mujeres by giving them the tools to take charge of their lives and finances.

Julie shares her tips that lead to professional success.

So how can readers get ahead at work?

Make sure you know what you are trying to accomplish. Business owners need to establish what is called a mission statement, the reason for their existence. Employees need to do that too.

Everything you do should bring you closer to achieving that purpose.

A collective intention sets the tone for a fertile ground of innovative ideas. Don't be afraid to be the leader and take charge in getting your team focused on what really matters.

How do you know when it is acceptable to go beyond your role without overstepping superiors?

Establish a common goal with your superiors and shake hands on the fact that you are creating something bigger than either one of you.

Your role should make use of your strengths and talents toward a common purpose.

Once you focus on the horizon, it is easier to stay away from the petty distractions of egos along the way.

Should one only pursue projects that they're extremely passionate about? Or is it worth pursuing others as well?

The most successful and fulfilling projects are those where you aim for the stars while you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Make sure you are providing a service or product that is not only needed, but wanted.

Focus on one thing and give it your all! If you get knocked down, find out why, learn from it, then get up and try a different way.

Did you ever feel like the steps you were taking weren't leading anywhere concrete in your career?

Oh yes, many times!

How did you keep yourself motivated to keep pushing ahead?

I asked myself: "Is this happening because I'm distracted, or because I should be looking somewhere else?"

Your goals can change mid-game. Your path can take a different turn at the fork in the road.

Why are the risks worth the effort even when they don't succeed?

Success is not just reaching your goals.

The mere fact that you are moving toward your present goal makes you successful already. It's like building a puzzle, where you pick up each piece with each experience, sometimes unaware that you will need it to complete your picture. Some puzzles have 100 pieces and take a short time to put together; others have 1,000 pieces and seem to take forever. These, however, are usually breathtaking.

Erin Keene is a New York City-based writer and contributor to Las Fabulosas

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