There's an old saying about money and happiness and according to this list compiled by Money, these five professions are some of the best examples


Many doctors and medical professionals regret their career decision. This high stress career revolves around life and death decisions, but it must be balanced with making money for hospitals and insurance companies.

Most doctors find the long hours and the lack of appreciation just aren’t worth it.


Dentists are high on the list of professionals with the highest rates of suicide due to the stressful nature of their job. Even with an endless flow of clients, dentists find that the dental school loans and lack of prestige don’t boost morale.


Research consistently show that lawyers exhibit the highest form of depression amongst all professionals. Lawyers have the highest rate of depression among all professions and suffer from high suicide rates.

The majority of lawyers ommand six-figure salaries per year, but they are often weighed down by the stress of the student loans they graduated with. This and long hours, endless clients, and ethical situations make this a miserable job.

Investment Banker

It's all about making money. Junior investment bankers work twice as many hours as others hoping to become rich. Trading your prime years for endless office hours and a complete lack of any work/life balance isn’t justifiable.


Success is only measured by the amount of sales you create. Combine this with endless complaints and it might not be worth pursing a job in sales. People in sales often spend a lot of time traveling and don't get much time to spend with their families. In most cases, they are employed on the basis of commission.


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