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Personal Finance - Personal Financial Planning & Money Saving Tips |
Tidy up more than your home this season by giving your budget a money makeover! Carmen Wong Ulrich, author of 'The Real Cost of Living' offers a few helpful budgeting tips for reevaluating your spending plan

My perception of dollar stores has always been that of subpar or off-label products, but then I talked to a couple of pro money-savers and they set me straight. They armed me with the following



  • These strategies will help you cope with common retirement worries

  • Workers are becoming pessimistic about their ability to retire well

  • Today's dilemma lies in how to finance these extended golden years, especially when many feel an obligation to also support adult children now or in the future

  • The challenging job market has led to marriage and parenthood delays, along with career stagnation

  • Why budgeting is so hard to sustain, and what you can do to improve your chances of success

  • From the tax benefits of living with family members to fast refunds, here's your guide to tax season

  • Before looking for hidden gems in the trash, consider these 10 tips

  • As with other financial strategies, advanced planning is needed

  • The rules for retirement have changed over the past generation. Individuals must now take more personal responsibility for their retirement finances, as life expectancies increase and job security declines

  • Many retirees aren't aware of the tax implications of their retirement savings, and don't include taxes in their spending plans. Two retirement experts share what retirees can expect when their working days are done

  • Fraudsters' tactics are often effective, but fighting back is easy

  • Here is how to select the ideal place to retire

  • Keep these ages in mind to boost your retirement benefits and avoid penalties

  • While most consumers begin thinking about life insurance when they get married and start a family, it can be wise to buy a policy even sooner

  • We need to be more financially literate and learn how to translate our financial knowledge into long-term savings and investment plans. Here's how

  • Twentysomethings inhabit a world of rampant unemployment and unsettling levels of student debt. Here's how recent graduates can navigate the challenges of starting a career, saving money, and more

  • Many of the early screening questions investors should be asking financial professionals, and themselves, fall under the 'common sense' category. Ask investment professionals these questions and you'll be glad you did

  • In his new book explores why consumers overspend and how they can curb the habit. Roberts shares tips on responsible spending, handling frugal fatigue, and more

  • You may not realize it, but the choices you make when investing assets in your 401(k) plan may be influenced by the selections your co-workers are making

  • We spoke with some of the top banking and money experts to get the latest on how to be savvy when choosing a bank account. Here are six of their top tips

  • Christmas is around the corner, and it could mean financial trouble for you. Do you ever wonder why he's so jolly? It's because he gets credit for all the toys, games and presents while you get stuck with the bill. If you're struggling financially -- and, frankly, who isn't -- it's time to put Santa in his place

  • Today's younger Americans are doing significantly worse economically than those of earlier generations. Meanwhile, the economic situation of older Americans continues to improve

  • Whether you're a frequent flyer or just seeking a generous rewards program, there's a card for you. Here's the skinny on some of the best travel rewards credit cards

  • With travel-linked rewards program cards, points are exchanged for airline tickets, hotel stays, and merchandise. In some cases, points can be turned into cash. These cards reward spenders, but watch the fees and terms

  • Many unmarried couples who live together opt for a strict his/her money system, splitting bills, checking accounts, and other joint expenses down the middle. It might not be the most romantic approach, but personal finance advisers say it's the smartest. Here's why

  • New regulatory reforms aimed at reining in big banks' excessive profits and helping retailers cut costs might actually end up hurting consumers

  • Ever get the impression that your financial adviser just isn't that into you? It could be time to move on. Here's how

  • Rethinking your budget and attitude toward money can create a fuller, more enjoyable life

  • Weak economy, and now longevity and savings challenges, accelerating growth of multigenerational households

  • For tax purposes, those who are supported by family can be declared a dependent and used as a deduction at tax time

  • The concept of paying off debt is basic enough for any of us to understand, but we generally must use some child psychology on ourselves to turn it into practice. If personal debt is taking a serious toll on you and your family, analyze your predicament carefully

  • When using retirement accounts to pay for college, the type of retirement account and the timing of the transaction can determine how much of your savings will be applied to the tuition bill. And, of course, withdrawals and loans can hurt your retirement security. If you're considering tapping your nest egg for college costs, here's what you need to watch out for

  • Retirement is no longer a one-time, permanent event. Exits from the workforce are becoming more gradual, and many employees move to another job before leaving the labor force completely. Here's a look at some of the ways workers are transitioning into their retirement years

  • To support yourself without income from a job, you'll have to make a series of choices about Social Security, health coverage, and your investments. Here are 10 of the toughest decisions you will make before you retire

  • Many people are interested in saving money by moving to a place with a lower cost of living than where they currently live. But you also need to make sure there are enough amenities and services to support you as you age. Here are some tips for selecting an ideal retirement locale

  • Selling your current home and moving to a place where housing costs considerably less can add to your retirement savings. If you currently live in a high-cost area and have built up equity in your home, selling and moving into a more affordable house can rescue your retirement finances

  • Simply saving in a 401(k) plan isn't enough to ensure your retirement security. You also have to withdraw the money from your retirement account in a way that maintains as much of your spending power as possible

  • Most people know that you can shield a lot more money from taxes in a 401(k) than an IRA. In addition, 401(k)s often come with valuable employer contributions. Here are a few lesser-known perks that 401(k)s provide

  • The good news is that parents and grandparents have a lot of options to save for college. Here's a rundown of the options as I see them, from best to worst

  • Preparing your child to be financially successful in college is a delicate balance between supplying enough funds and know-how. Here's what to brief your students on before they head off to school -- and what you should let your children learn on their own

  • Post-recession, it's gotten easier for people to admit their financial limits, partly because so many of us have been forced to do so. Still, lessons about avoiding financial envy hold just as true today

  • Jude Boudreaux has turned his life around. He owns a condo with his wife, pays his bills on time, budgets ruthlessly, and recently became a father. Boudreaux recommends these five strategies to people trying to take control of their finances

  • The Wall Street Journal recently published an article in their Weekend Investor section discussing a potential problem regarding retirement planning. The authors emphasized that too many workers have unrealistic assumptions

  • We spend much of our career saving and investing for retirement. And the challenges don't end on the day we retire. We must then manage our nest eggs to make sure our retirement savings lasts for the rest of our lives. Here are some ways to improve your retirement end game

  • Increasingly, Americans are pushing back their ideal retirement age. Here are 10 reasons you may want to consider delaying retirement

  • Have you been plagued by debt collectors? Help is on the horizon. There's a new government regulatory agency called the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Last month, the CFPB gained new powers to regulate and censure everyone's least favorite part of the financial industry: debt collection

  • We've all heard the standard personal finance fare about saving more and spending less, repeated ad nauseum, so we were pleasantly surprised when five original money strategies floated across our radar recently. They are extreme, and not for everybody, which is why they're not on the lips of every finance guru out there. But for some people, they might just work

  • Young couples counting down the weeks or months before tying the knot will get their marriage off to a good start by focusing on some of the financials -- paying down debts, building good credit histories, shifting the wedding date into next year for tax purposes.And here's what's especially important: They need to talk about how each partner treats money

  • Are you and your husband always arguing over how much he spends on golf? Or how much of your paychecks to put toward a down payment on your dream house? Don't despair: You can overcome your mismatched money personalities. Here's how to get started

  • Consumers can negotiate better prices for just about anything, but many don't like to do it because conflict is uncomfortable. Once you succeed, however, it will be habit-forming, profitable and much more comfortable. Here are some ways you can save money

  • If you calculate how much you need to save to completely stop working for a 20- or 30-year retirement, you'll likely arrive at a very large number. Finding out that you will need to accumulate seven figures to have a modest retirement income is daunting. Here are some strategies to cope with retirement sticker shock

  • Many of the most important small steps you can take to benefit the planet are also good for your wallet. Here are six of them, in order of potential savings