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Pets | Dogs: How to Stop Inappropriate Dog-sniffing

Dogs use their sense of smell to understand the world around them. That's why dogs can't stop sniffing. Your jog in the park with your dog presents dozens of points of information indicating the physical and emotional well-being of your dog's doggie pals, as well as the people who live with them. It tells her what flowers are about to sprout --even the types of pests nibbling on their delicate stems.

How to Stop Inappropriate Dog-sniffing

Although a dog's sense of smell is downright miraculous, there are times when you might want to keep your dog from sniffing. After all, many of us have suffered embarrassment when our dog sniffed another person a bit too, um, personally. Or we've experienced that inquisitive nose ourselves.

You can help channel your dog's sniffing in positive ways. Try these alternatives:

1. Give your dog some exercise prior to any event so your dog will be tuckered out and their nose will be sated.

2. If you're expecting to meet a new person or be in a situation in which your dog is inclined to sniff, offer a diversion in the form of a treat or a hand-clap, or rein in your dog's leash.

3. Crate-train your dog so your dog will willingly stay out of the way during a social event.

4. Hide kibble in food-containing toys around your house and have your dog sniff out it for dinner.

5. Exceptional Canine's resident trainer, Stacy Braslau-Schneck, recommends scattering your dog's kibble in the backyard grass. Working to find the kibble exercises your dog's nose, provides some physical exertion, and keeps your dog mentally engaged.

6. Take nose-friendly walks, allowing your dog to take a leisurely sniff around the neighborhood.

7. Offer new, interesting scents to help satiate that curious dog nose. If you've been to the beach or to a zoo, let your dog sniff your shoes or pant legs.

Your dog's nose is an incredible tool, and you'll likely find watching your dog use it just as interesting as she finds all the things she sniffs.








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How to Stop Your Dog from Inappropriate Sniffing