by Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

Every year, pet retailers show up in force at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., to show off the newest and greatest products for pets.

Here are the top five picks for up-and-coming items for your favorite feline:

The Stimulo Interactive Food Bowl

Most pet owners are familiar with the concept of puzzle feeders for dogs, which force pets to become actively involved in obtaining their food. But finding a similar product for cats has been a challenge. Aikiou has stepped up to the plate with the innovative Stimulo feeder, which features vertical tubes of various heights into which cats must dive in order to fish out their food.

Available at Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center

KatPak Disposable Litter Boxes

Anyone who has had the pleasure of going on a long drive with cats knows the drama of figuring out how to handle the litter box. Do you use disposable trays? Lug around a full-sized box? This clever disposable box from KatPak lasts up to seven days; when you're done, just grab the whole container and dump it in the trash. Travel just got a whole lot easier.

Available at KatPak Disposable Litter Boxes

The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Bed

Cat owners are always on the lookout for stylish kitty beds that fit into a modern home. The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Bed has multiple things going for it: It's made of eco-friendly bamboo; it's elevated, which appeals to many cats that eschew lying on the floor; and it has a groovy spherical shape that even Austin Powers would approve of.

Available at The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Bed

Zero Odor

Few things are as universally reviled as the musty smell of cat messes. The chemists at Zero Odor spent more than a decade creating a product that not only masks the smell, but also bonds to the odor-causing matter at a molecular level to neutralize it.

Available at Zero Odor

Catswall Modular Cat Climbing Wall

Is it wall art? Is it a perch? The Catswall modular climbing wall is both. It's a truly innovative set of boxes and perches that owners can put on their walls in an infinite number of patterns to give their pets a fun vertical space to play and rest. The light wood and cute cutouts are fresh, modern and just as fun for owners as they are for the lucky cats that get to climb on them.








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