by Dorian Wagner

Pets | Cats: Games to Download for Your Cat

Think you can get away with buying a three-pack of felt mice to entertain your cat? Mice were so last decade. Now your cat wants an iPad.

There are two ways to look at this. Either it's good because there are more uses for your iPad to justify the expense, or it's crazy because you just bought an $800 iPad and now your cat is the one having all the fun. Let's go with reason No. 1 and explore some of the fun apps you can download to keep your cat busy for hours.

1. Game for Cats

The free version of this game comes with one full game in which your cat chases a red dot. There is also an in-app option to purchase an additional game in which a mouse runs across the screen and gets stuck in a mousetrap. The laser dot is a kitty classic sure to please.

2. App for Cats

This one will run you 99 cents but is worth the few pennies. With App for Cats, you get several different boards and different kinds of bugs that crawl across the screen. The bugs move faster when your cat taps them, and more and more show on the screen the longer it's on.

3. Cat Toys Lite

This is another mouse game, but with this one, you can adjust the speed at which the mouse moves as well as the sound. (The mouse squeaks when tapped.) Optional upgrade includes more critters to chase, including a frog.

4. Cat Piano

While your cats will definitely engage with it, this might be more of a game for the humans. It works like a keyboard, but instead of music, it meows. The free app has three different kinds of cat voices: angelic meow, furball and housecat. Furball is sure to make your kitty's ears prick up. For 99 cents, you can upgrade and get 10 more marvelous meows. This app might be especially useful for luring your cat out from under the sofa or bed. My two came running!

Note: All of these are also available for iPhone, but the bigger screen on the iPad makes it a little more exciting for the cats and better to interact with.








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Pets | Cats: Games to Download for Your Cat