by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

The No-Crash Bikini Body Diet

Forget crash diets that leave you cranky. These no-nonsense tips will get you bikini-ready fast -- without the hunger

If you're anything like the former me, the thought of summer, the beach and bikini time is enough to freak you out and send you reaching for the latest summer diet plan. That's a mistake -- these diets often put you into starvation mode and make you cranky and unhappy.

So how can you look sexy and fit this summer without going on a hunger strike?

Try the following three rules, and I promise, you will look fabulous in your bikini in a few short weeks.

1. Make it colorful

The more color you add to your meals, the better. And by color, I'm not talking about colored candy, soda or such, but healthy and yummy fruit and veggies.

Fruit is a superfood that hydrates the body. It contains plant nutrients that help keep your body healthy, and fiber to help clean out your system. Vegetables provide a lot of vitamins too and help you stay full, so you'll be less likely to eat that half pound of cookies right after lunch.

2. Eat carbs

Popular diets falsely claim that carbs are bad and make you fat. But carbohydrates are actually vital for providing energy for your body and your brain.

If you neglect your daily dose of carbs, you'll soon end up feeling lifeless and dull. The reason why carbs have gotten such a bad rap is because most of us eat the simple, unhealthy versions of them instead of biting into delicious whole-grain versions of spaghetti and rice. Try quinoa, millet or barley instead of eating white bread, but definitely don't eliminate the carbs.

3. Read labels

I gave up diet soda this year. After drinking at least half a gallon of diet Coke every day for years, I quit cold turkey. Why? Because I couldn't tolerate ruining my body with artificial flavors and additives anymore.

As a result, I have more energy, and I feel and look better than ever before. Yes, it was hard to quit, but my body thanked me for it. So, get clear on what it is you're eating and take a moment to read the labels. You'll be shocked to read all the chemicals you put into your body.

Make it a rule not to buy anything if you can't read and/or pronounce more than one item on the label. The cleaner you'll eat, the better your metabolic system will work, and the more pounds you'll drop.

Enjoy your sexy bikini body!

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