by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Can the Law of Attraction Change Your Life?

How to invite more happiness in and show down-days the door

Much has been written and said about the law of attraction: "It's easy. You just have to think positive thoughts and all the happiness in the world will naturally flow into your life." Well, for many, after giving that sentiment a go, they end up frustrated and annoyed because nothing has really changed.

Is there a way to actually get the law of attraction to work? Yes, absolutely, and here's how.

Be in the space of "good things happen to me."

I used to be a glass-half-empty kind of girl. I believed that only bad things could happen and that life would always be hard, stressful and full of misery. And, guess what? That's exactly what my life was like. At one point, I got fed up. I knew I needed a change and since living with a black cloud over my head wasn't working, I decided to make a change. And voila, my entire experience of life shifted too.

The simple act of believing that good things can happen creates a radical shift in the energy around you.

De-clutter your emotional life.

Now that you've established that positivity has its space in your life, it's time to go deeper and take care of all the emotional baggage in your body and mind.

What's keeping you from having a wonderful relationship? What's really behind your obsession with food?

This is hard and it takes time, but a life full of happiness can't be built on an undercurrent of misery. Give yourself the freedom to explore your true feelings before you begin looking for a new job, partner or more blissful self.

Start your day with your perfect day.

Imagine your perfect day -- one without fear, anxiety or pain.

A day that nourishes you in all areas of your life and enables you to access all the happiness you desire. Be as precise as possible in your description.

What do you do? How do you feel? What do you eat? Touch? See?

Write it all down and then read it every single morning. I've been doing this for a bit over a month now and it's mind-blowing how many changes suddenly occurred in my life.

Take committed action.

If you want a new job, start thinking about it, but don't forget to send out applications.

If you're ready for a new partner, start dreaming about him, but also go on dates. If you yearn to have more peace around food and your body, start imagining yourself with more self-esteem, but practice mindful eating and pick up a new exercise routine.

The law of attraction doesn't work if you don't move and take inspired action.

Giving it your all will give back big returns!

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Woman to Woman: "Can the Law of Attraction Change Your Life?"