So you've just been drafted into the NFL, congratulations only 1.5% of NCAA division 1 players do. Ok, so then what happens? I don't know but Dan Lefevour who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 6th round in 2010 does.

'For me it was a little bit different from other peopled've heard cause i found out by watching tv and seeing my name pop up at the bottom of the screen.' That's a crazy way to find out, most guys get a call first, it's a good thing there weren't any cameras' ESPN was at the house ... so that was all caught on video.'

Ok so then the phone call comes. Lefevour says he got calls from Jerry Angelo who was the general manager of the Bears at the time and Lovie Smith who was the coach at the time to tell him..Exact words, I don't know, man, at that point I think I was in such euphoria, I couldn't even tell you.

He didn't hear from anyone else until the next day when he got a call from the GM's secretary talking about where he needs to be for rookie camp. Then the celebration stage is kind of over and it's more about preparation.

When I asked Lefevour about any advice he'd give to people about to be drafted he said. 'The best thing to do is to just walk away from the camera haha.' Agreed, you don't want to make a weird face and get memed like Cutler or Manning before you even start.


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