Patrick Jones and Krystin Goodwin discuss the pros and cons of the NFL moving its annual draft from New York City to Chicago.


For the first time since 1967 the NFL Draft is leaving New York City for Chicago. Let's look at the pro and cons.

Pro: The bars in Chicago are only open until two, that prevents a lot of problems.

Con: The bars are only open until two. Pro: If it's in Chicago we won't get angry Jets fans yelling about everything.

Con: True but it probably means we're going to have to sit through John Gruden's Chicago native impression. 'yeah hi I'd like a polish sausage'

Con: Chicago's O'Hare airport has the most delays of any airport in the country.

Pro: When you land the taxis don't drive like they're ambulances.

Con: Chicago's got nothing that compares to shake shack.

Pro: Chicagos got more food trucks per capita than New York. You think these guys are actually going to food trucks? Why not they're just getting out of college.

It's possible they just moved to Chi town because hotel rooms are cheaper. Or maybe it's just because Roger Goodell wants to be booed by a new audience.


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Pros & Cons of the NFL Draft in Chicago Instead of New York