Kathryn Parsons -- the tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Decoded -- tells Agnes Frimston why everyone needs to know how to write software -- and you can do it in a day

Harness more processing power for your apps by tapping into the GPU

Getting developers and IT operations on the same page when it comes to software creation could reduce the number of problems apps encounter on the operations side. But the approach does require a significant cultural overhaul

One advantage of a true cross-platform software development technology like HTML5 is that developers no longer need to rely on native technologies to deploy their apps on specific hardware platforms


  • HTML5 levels the playing field and opens the floodgates to a wealth of new potential development talent. But in practice, as is often the case with disruptive new technologies, the road ahead for HTML5 has some twists and turns

  • The arrival of Apple's Siri personal assistant on iPhone 4S raised the profile of speech recognition on mobile devices. And now, the technology is poised to become even more widely embedded. Here's what you need to know

  • Desktop as well as mobile developers can leverage WinRT APIs to access the sensors built in to platforms such as Ultrabooks. Here's how developers can exploit these APIs and the potential applications this approach may unlock

  • Developers are currently making use of government data for apps in sectors ranging from healthcare to education. App makers think government open data policies are a step in the right direction. Here's what you need to know

  • Mobile operators are increasingly providing APIs to make it easier for developers to add network-specific features to their apps. That's a win-win-win for operators, developers and users -- with a few caveats

  • One way for mobile developers to demonstrate their skills is to go through a technical certification program. Here's what developers can expect from these programs, plus how valuable they really are in the market

  • Hundreds of millions smartphones are being shipped. Many of them are winding up in the hands of consumers and business users, including your employees and business partners. That trend means, sooner or later, you'll have to develop smartphone apps. Here are 11 tips

  • You can't do anything about the weather, but at least there's a bevy of apps that describe current conditions and offer forecasts

  • With the advent of multicore processors, most programmers are still intimidated by true parallel programming. To help with the transition, we talked to distinguished IBM engineer Paul E. McKenney

  • Integrated development environments (IDEs) aim to boost programmer productivity. Increasingly, those offerings are pushing into mobile development. Here’s an overview of the latest on open-source IDEs

  • Outdated Android devices can create challenges for developers and users. With so many of these devices on the market, though, Android app developers need to minimize that risk

  • Mobile app makers who are eager to showcase new ideas can take advantage of an expanding outlet for their creativity: developer competitions

  • Today, there are at least a dozen up-and-coming languages vying to become the next C++ or Java

  • Ruby on Rails is a favorite Web-development environment. As it expands to support other platforms, can Ruby become the cross-platform Crown Jewel?

  • NoSQL databases are getting loads of attention, but does this technology really meet IT needs?

  • Ubiquitous computing is moving out of the lab and into the mainstream. Bo Begole, head of PARC's Ubiquitous Computing Area, explains what it means for enterprises and consumers

  • Building cloud-based apps requires expertise not associated with premise-based ones. Here are some tips for creating apps in the cloud

  • When hiring for a technology position, we focus on core technical competence, real-world experience, dedication and self-motivation.

  • Advancements in computing technology involve more than simply increasing speed and reducing size and power consumption. Enhancements to features, capabilities and specifications go hand-in-hand with education of the development community and those teaching the trade. Here's four standout projects at universities around the world

  • The hurdles of creating a retail app are unlike many other spaces. Try these tips from SmartHawk and take your retail app beyond brochureware

  • Mobile apps for tuning a variety of musical instruments are readily available, but a recently demonstrated iPad app expands the musician-helper category beyond those basic tools