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After a careful eight-month study of celebrity gossip magazines, I've determined that, on occasion, these publications get their facts wrong.

I'm fine with that.

We all make honest mistakes from time to time. And as any journalist will tell you, misspelled names, misheard quotes and even on occasion being duped are part of the business.

But when errors happen, reputable publications post corrections, such as when The New York Times retracted its erroneous story in 1969 that man had landed on the moon.

What's troubling about gossip mags is that they refuse to own up to their mistakes.

In an effort to change that, here are some gossip mag corrections I'd like to see . . .

-- An article in the Jan. 12 issue of US Weekly about actress Jennifer Aniston's uterus described incorrectly what was inside of it. Due to an editing error, the word "no" was deleted before the word "embryo." As such, the accompanying illustration was also incorrect.

-- An article in the Jan. 18 issues of OK! Magazine about the mise en scene in the 2008 film "Marley & Me" misidentified the name that actress Jennifer Aniston has decided to give to her soon-to-be-born baby. Instead of "Max," it's nothing, as she is not pregnant.

-- An article in the Jan. 21 issue of People about the heroic animal-rescue efforts of a mother and daughter duo in Perrysburg, Ohio, misspelled the name of a dog pregnant with four babies as well as the type of mammal it is. It's "Muffy," not "Actress Jennifer Aniston." And it's a dog, not a human.

-- A photograph of actress Jennifer Aniston on the cover of the Jan. 23 issue of In Touch featuring a bright-red arrow pointing to her lower abdomen with the words "Baby Bump!" above it was misleading and didn't accurately tease our story inside the issue about a baby who bumped into Ms. Aniston.

-- A photograph in the Feb. 1 issue of OK! Magazine of a positive home-pregnancy test with the words "Property of Jennifer Anniston" written on it in Sharpie misspelled the name "Aniston." Also, the image was mistakenly created out of thin air with Photoshop by our design department.

-- An article in the Feb. 3 issue of In Touch magazine misquoted a good friend of Jennifer Aniston saying the actress was four months pregnant. The friend actually said, "Never call this number again or I will get a restraining order on you and everyone at your cesspool of a publication."

-- A headline in the Feb. 5 issue of US Weekly stating, "Jennifer Aniston is Gearing up for Birth" was wrongly edited. It should have read "Jennifer Aniston is Gearing up for Firth" to alert readers about her new romantic comedy with Colin Firth.

-- An article in the Feb. 6 issue of People magazine about how people named Jennifer have been pregnant in the past and could become pregnant in the future misleadingly only featured images of Jennifer Aniston.

-- An article in the Feb. 17 issue of US Weekly that stated in the opening sentence, "Jennifer Aniston is 100-percent, without-a-doubt, you-can-take-to-it-the-bank pregnant!" was completely false but -- in ways we can't explain but our attorney swears to -- impervious to a lawsuit.

-- An article in the Feb. 25 issue of OK! magazine misstated that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. She is actually pregnant.

-- A correction in the March 3 issue of OK! magazine that tried to correct a misstatement from the Feb. 25 issue about Jennifer Aniston and a possible pregnancy misstated that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. She is actually pregnant.

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