The World's Top-Earning Hedge Fund Managers
The World's Top-Earning Hedge Fund Managers

by Martin Armstrong (Statista)

It's actually been a bad year for hedge funds. Looking at this infographic though, the average person would never guess it.

The top 25 earning hedge fund managers pulled in a combined 11 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. While this is a massive sum, it is, relatively speaking, disappointing. The lowest figure since 2005's $9.4 billion, 2016 was well below the imperious heights reached three years ago - a huge $21 billion.

Presumably though, Renaissance Technologies' James Simmons won't be losing much sleep, sitting atop of the pile having earned a cool $1.6 billion.

The chart above shows the total earnings of the highest-earning hedge fund managers in 2016.

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