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by Danyelle Little

How to have fun together as a family -- no vacation required

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids
5 Ways to Enjoy Summer with Your Kids

Summertime is here! And if you are anything like me, then you can't wait for the longer days and warmer temperatures. Summer is definitely the season to let loose and have fun.

You may be in the middle of planning your family's summer vacation and activity schedule, but did you know that there are ways to enjoy the summer with your kids that don't have to be so strategically planned?

As a matter of fact, kids often appreciate a loose schedule during the summer months.

I've got five ways that you can enjoy summer as a family together -- and they are pretty awesome if I don't say so myself.

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to play games, especially those that are interactive and get them moving. Organize a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood and get the whole family involved (you can also ask your neighbors and other family members to participate). Give them clues and have them look for items. Have prizes for their hard work, and remember to keep cold drinks on hand.

Town Hop

You don't have to plan an elaborate vacation or getaway for your family to have fun. Pile into the car and drive to the next town over. You probably live near another city or town that is filled with things to do. Take in the sights, eat in a local restaurant, patronize a few local shops and even get in on the history of the town. Your kids will love it -- and so will you.

Kids Rule

Have your children plan a day of activities for the family. They will love being "in charge" and you will enjoy seeing what your kids come up with. You might want to give them a few ground rules beforehand so they don't hatch a scheme that lands you in Disneyland.

Get Active

Staying active as a family is crucial and important for family bonding and health. Create an obstacle course in the backyard or head to your nearest park to get some jogging or rollerblading in with the kids. If they are old enough, enroll the family in a fitness class at a local gym or community center.

Get to the Basics

Playing board games is a fun way to have some family time together. Get out your family's favorite and sit out on the patio. The family that plays together, stays together.

The summertime is an amazing opportunity to bond with your family. Hopefully one or more of these five ways to enjoy summer will resonate with you and your brood.

Danyelle Little is a professional blogger, author, freelancer, and social media consultant located in St. Louis, Mo. After losing her corporate job in 2009, Danyelle forged ahead to create TheCubicleChick.com, a Web magazine that focuses on work, life and play. Her site has been mentioned by Glamour, CNN.com, Huffington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Danyelle is working on her second book, which will be released this year.


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