Steve Nash on his retirement after 20 years in the NBA.


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Welcome to The Fumble I'm Crystal Marie. The NBA's defending champion San Antonio Spurs aren't exactly having a dream of a follow-up season. With a record of 41-25, they sit in the lowly seventh seed in the maddening Western Conference. And, believe it or not, things got even bleaker on Tuesday night. The Spurs fell to the New York Knicks, owners of the league's least desirable record at 14-53. Knowing Gregg Popovich, who spearheaded the trend of resting stars against the league's embarrassing excuses for teams, the 104-100 final score in overtime isn't all too shocking. Until one clicks on the game's box score, only to learn, in shock and horror, that Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard, and the whole gang that sent LeBron James back to Cleveland with his tail between his legs were on the court for San Antonio. Popovich ripped into his Spurs after the game. "We didn't respect the game," Popovich said. "We didn't respect our opponent. It was a pathetic performance, and I hope every player is embarrassed. Not because we're supposed to 'win the game', quote unquote, but it's about how you play the game." The Knicks became the first team in NBA history to enter a game this late in a season with a winning percentage below .200 and beat the defending champs. For more sports news visit us at Transcript written by: Crystal Marie Denha Edited by: Jason Al-Samarrie






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"Steve Nash Retires After 20 Seasons in NBA"