Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Traveling Light
Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Traveling Light

by Aly Walansky

To keep luggage from weighing you down, consider fashionable function

I travel a few weeks out of every month, and as a fashion and beauty writer, I don't like to make style sacrifices. However, years of over-packing has taught me that I enjoy hefty baggage fees even less.

Constance Dunn, author of the book Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World points out that luggage is often filled with few actual necessities and a lot of extraneous and unnecessary ones.

"Leaner, meaner packing will make for a better vacation, with less time lugging around big, heavy bags of nothing. Unless, of course, you get a thrill out of taking your luggage on vacation just for the sake of it!" says Dunn.

Step 1: Make a plan -- and stick to it

No matter how much you scrutinize, you will do best if you go in with a plan. Make a list and check it twice -- just like Santa (the ultimate world traveler)! By planning everything out, you'll be able to bring everything you need without using up valuable baggage real estate.

Step 2: Stick to a monochromatic theme for your clothing

Though it may sound complicated, it's not -- and this space-saving technique makes it way easier to mix and match outfits. Use small accessories, like belts, jewelry and scarves to add interest and color.

Step 3: Choose the best multitaskers

Virtually every item I pack serves more than one purpose. The scarf I bring also keeps me warm on a cold plane, provides modesty in more conservative locales, and can be balled up to use as a pillow. Likewise, I pack yoga pants that can double as PJs.

Step 4: Go with easy-to-pack clothes

Instead of pants that crinkle, I pack plenty of leggings that roll up easily, one pair of jeans that can be worn multiple times, and several knit shirts, skirts and dresses that won't wrinkle easily.

Step 5: Shoes are a major luggage hog

I wear the bulkiest shoes that I want to bring with me on the plane. Based on my itinerary, and the types of activities I'll be doing and locales I'll be frequenting, I generally limit myself to one pair of each: casual shoes, dress shoes and flip-flops.

Decide which categories are crucial and bring only one of each.



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