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While many travelers plan their vacation days down to the minute there are those who won't even leave the hotel until the moon comes out. For those nocturnal vacationers who don't feel they've experienced a city until they've seen it at night, presents it's "Ten Great Cities for Night Owls."


One word: ouzo.

Visit an ouzoria in the Plaka neighborhood where you can try the popular liqourice-tasting aperitif while enjoying a great view of the Acropolis. Either stay in the city and explore the nightlife near Lykavittos Hill, or venture to the seaside clubs where you can dance to disco lights reflecting off the ocean water.


It's considered by many to be the clubbing capital of Europe but if dancing on tables and glow sticks don't tickle your fancy, the beer gardens, opera, and variety shows scattered throughout the city offer other great options. After a long night, residents love a little currywurst, a dish that is to Berliners what hot dogs are to New Yorkers.


Whether you want a debaucherous evening of city nightlife or a private beach party on Tsunami Island, Goa can meet your after-hours needs. At one point the Goa club scene was so loud noise bans were implemented, prompting the invention of "Silent Noise" headphone parties in which revelers dance the night away to music pumped through wireless headphones.


Dramatic, melancholy, and occasionally even a bit depressing, Fado-style singing is a wildly popular nighttime activity in Lisbon. That said it's important to do your research before settling on a spot for the night. Those in the know warn that the city abounds with overpriced, sub-par Fado restaurants that prey on uninformed tourists.


This bustling, vibrant city is as alive at night as it is during the day, especially in the summer months. Street performers, endless outdoor cafes, and nonstop neighbor-to-neighbor chatter make it not only one of the most appealing places for night owls but one of the safest as well.


While the city has plenty of nightclubs to choose from, a simple nighttime walk along the Bund is a lovely, calming way to spend an evening. Formal and austere-looking by day, this waterfront quay is really in its glory at night when the colonial-style buildings are lit up. For those who like a little low-key nightcap, the city offers a variety of 24-hour teahouses.


Miami's tropical heat and scantily clad beautiful people make for quite the heated nightlife. From Downtown to South Beach, clubs that rage all night offer endless party-hopping opportunities. It's not for the timid so if prancing around in a swimsuit is not your thing this might not be the city for you.


From drag shows to traditional Mariachi to literal dancing in the streets, Mexico City is perfect for the traveler who's up for anything. For a truly traditional experience, be sure to check out Salon Tenampa, a local, somewhat campy watering hole that's been around since the 1920s.


Although it may be associated more with chilly winter nights than hot sunny days, in recent years the Bucharest night scene has been awash with salsa dancers (yes, salsa dancers!). With dozens of salsa-friendly clubs and places to take lessons Bucharest is now also the perfect place to learn how to mambo, rumba and merengue!


Like Bucharest's love of salsa dancing, the Reykjavik population offers unexpected enthusiasm for the art of the tango. Tango clubs, workshops, and even marathons are just some of the nighttime activities in which dancers can indulge. Of course, those wanting a more traditional experience can always visit the city's year-round ice bar.


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