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Before diving head-first into a digital transformation, consider what elements of a digital transformation to your small business.


When developing or implementing new technology or digital assets, automation is a key component most businesses are striving toward. It can save your small business money while also reducing monotonous tasks and allowing your employees to focus on the more skill-reliant aspects of their jobs.


Technology as a whole can make your business more efficient, from increasing employee productivity to allowing greater flexibility in an often-changing market.


Embracing technology and digital communication can allow for greater reach and ease of communication. From the use of social media platforms to email blasts and online advertisements, technology can expand how and when your business communicates with potential consumers.

Boost Business Digitally

A growing collection of digital applications and offerings, such as these members of the Pitney Bowes Small Business Partner Program community, can enhance and streamline business operations.

Google G Suite

Google G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere, and on any device.


Yext puts businesses on the map by letting companies manage their digital knowledge in the cloud and sync it to over 100 maps, apps, search engines, GPS systems and social networks, as well as facilitating face-to-face and digital interactions that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic and increase sales.


Promote by Acquisio is an advertising solution that helps businesses get new customers with zero expertise needed by creating tailored ads, providing optimization, on-the-go text notifications for incoming leads and tracking of all recorded incoming calls from ads.


Nimble is a simple social sales and marketing CRM that helps companies nurture relationships across email and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


DocuSign lets people sign, send and manage documents anytime, anywhere, on any device, replacing traditional methods that require printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents.

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