What the Military Thinks of Trump
What the Military Thinks of Trump

By Martin Armstrong (Statista)

This chart shows the results of a survey into the views of U.S. military personnel overall and by military branch on President Trump.

It is well documented that President Trump has low approval ratings among the U.S. public, but as somebody that regularly champions the importance and value of the military, does that view change when you ask active-duty troops?

According to a recent survey by the Military Times, the answer is 'yes'.

Overall, 44 percent of troops said that they have a favorable view of the current president -- safely above the 38 percent recorded in the most recent Fox News poll.

When broken down by service, Trump enjoys the most support among the Marines, with a majority of 59 percent having a favorable view. On the other side of the scale, both Navy and Air Force personnel have an overall negative opinion, with 40 and 38 percent in favor, respectively.


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