Trump Set To Become The Oldest President
Trump Set To Become The Oldest President

By Niall McCarthy (Statista)

When Donald Trump is inaugurated, he will become the oldest elected president in U.S. history. Trump is 70 while the average age of all 44 U.S. presidents is 55.

The previous record holder was Ronald Reagan who was 69 years-old when he was sworn into office in 1981.

George H.W. Bush is another president who was older than average when he took office at 64. Interestingly, he holds another notable record. He celebrated his 72nd wedding anniversary with his wife Barbara on Friday, making them the longest-married couple in U.S. presidential history.

Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest president; he was 42 when he took office after the assassination of William McKinley in 1901. John F. Kennedy was slightly older when he became president 60 years later, aged 43.

The chart above shows the age of post-World War II U.S. presidents when they took office.


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Politics: "Trump Set To Become The Oldest President"