By Andy Rooney

Some days, it seems as though I have so much to do I can't get anything done. It happens a lot around Christmas.

When I left for the office this morning, a red light appeared on the dashboard of my car that said, "Service soon." I've been meaning to read the manual, but whenever I get in the car I'm going someplace and don't have time. I'm driving to the country this weekend, though, and ought to take the car in before I go, but I have some other things to do first.

When I left the house today, I dumped a suit, a pair of slacks and a sweater in the back of the car to take to the cleaners, but I had so much to do I decided not to stop.

My hair is too long and has been for about two weeks. My barber is over near several department stores, so maybe I'll get my hair cut and do some Christmas shopping at lunchtime -- tomorrow, though.

I don't even want to think about Christmas. I have to get presents for Martha, Emily, Ellen, Brian, Cecile, Alexis, Ben, Justin, Emma, Katherine, Beryl, Leo, Les and Nancy. Just getting to a store is hard and they probably won't have anything I think is right, anyway. As usual, I'll probably wait until it's too late to have anything sent, so I'll have to take it with me.

I should put the Christmas wreath on the door this weekend and string the Christmas lights on the hedge. I hope I can find the lights. I may have put them in the attic. If I get the chance, I'll go up and look for them. Come to think of it, though, the lights may be on top of that shelf in the garage.

I keep the Christmas tree in the garage so it doesn't get snowed on before we put it up in the living room Christmas Eve. I'm worried about the garage because it isn't heated. The automatic garage door caught on some of the insulated ceiling panels last summer and tore off one of them. There are pipes up there that bring heat to the back bedroom and they're exposed now and could freeze. I ought to get that insulation panel replaced and get a plumber to put some radiator pipes in the garage. I'm not sure who does that or how much it would cost. I don't even want to think about that now.

As if I didn't have enough things to do around the house, I've got more than usual to do in the office. "60 Minutes" is going to need two extra pieces next week because they want to get the Christmas and New Year's Day shows put together early. I'll have to think of something to do and then shoot the pieces. I should get my hair cut before I do them.

Next to my computer I keep an in/out file tray. There must be 25 letters. They're either things like phone bills or messages from old friends I feel guilty about not answering. I've set those things aside for two weeks, though, so I guess another day or two won't hurt.

If I can get my Christmas cards out, that will satisfy some of those letters I should have written. I'm not sure where our Christmas card list is. Last year, I added the names of people who sent me a card even though I didn't send them one.

Some of the things I put off because I've had a cold. My nasal passages have been stuffed up for weeks, so I called my doctor and he gave me a prescription, which I took to the drugstore last Tuesday. They couldn't fill it right away, so I paid for it, but I haven't had time to go back and get it.

I love Christmas, but I can't wait for it to be over.

(This classic Andy Rooney column was originally published Dec. 10, 2005.)

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