By Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

Imminent Change Amidst Continuing Conflict

The protests in Yemen have brought about remarkable changes in Yemeni politics and have shaken the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh who has been ruling the country since 1978.

The protests united the different groups in opposition to the regime such as the Southerners, the Houthis and the al Qaeda with the common people protesting against the Saleh regime. In the absence of a popular leader to replace Saleh, the political process in the country looks stalled. Repeated attempts by Saudi Arabia, GCC, the USA and the UN have not yielded any significant results.

The future of the popular protests remains unclear at this point of time.

There is also no sign of political consensus among the parties over the future course of action. Strong political will and cooperation among all the political parties, opposition groups and people is necessary to take the country out of the present crisis.

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