By Vittorio Hernandez

London, England, United Kingdom

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced several measures to address the riots in the country, including a crackdown on masks, which are used by many rioters to hide their identity.

Cameron said police will have the discretion to remove the facemasks of people on the street if the enforcers have reasonable suspicion they are related to criminal activity.

Besides the crackdown on facemasks, Cameron said the government is studying if they could stop people from communicating using social media, particularly if these people are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.

He added the government is also looking into more powers of curfew and dispersal orders when needed and tougher sentencing powers.

Landlords would also be given more power to kick out criminals from social housing, while the government would pay for the legitimate cost of compensation claims under the Riot Act and would increase the time limit to 42 from 14 days.

Other measures being planned include a $30 million (GBP 20 million) support fund for High Street retailers to help them get back to business and recover, and a $15 million (GBP 10 million) Recovery Scheme to support council to keep their areas safe, clean and clear.

Cameron pointed out that there were problems in the initial police response to the disorder such as very few officers deployed and tactics that were not working. He insisted on pushing through with the police budget cuts of 6 percent spread over a four years.

However, the policy sets the prime minister on a collision course with the police, whose morale are said to be on an all-time low.


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