By Vittorio Hernandez

Madrid, Spain

Thousands of Spaniards have come to the streets across the country in protest against austerity measures, unemployment and spending cuts.

The protests came just hours after youth activists started a sit-in in capital to put pressure on the government.

The protestors, who on Sunday marched from all sides of the capital and expressed anger against bankers, corruption and misuse of public money, also showed fears that the Euro-pact, aimed at improving eurozone competitiveness, could bring more cuts.

"It's important to take to the streets because a series of measures are being taken by those in power - like the Euro-pact, for example - making Europe belong to the bankers and not the people," one woman protester said.

Demonstrators had also pledged not to show violence after Barcelona's demonstration last week, ended up in violent clashes with police.

The government deployed extra police personnel in Madrid and sealed off the area around parliament as a precautionary measure ahead of this march.


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