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Rescuers are struggling Sunday to reach communities in northern provinces of the main Philippine island of Luzon, which were hit by two powerful typhoons last week.

Officials fanned out across flooded towns north of the capital of Manila in small boats and trucks, delivering food and water and pleading with residents who still refused to be evacuated. Hundreds of people are remain stranded on rooftops, after flooding brought on by the storms, which began Tuesday.

Typhoon Nalgae slammed into Luzon Saturday, killing at least one person, while Typhoon Nesat killed at least 52 people and left about 30 missing when it struck Luzon Tuesday.

Forecasters are monitoring another storm that is forming off the island's east coast and could hit northern Luzon later this week.

Nalgae left the Philippines after several hours, heading toward the South China Sea. Chinese authorities say they expect it to make landfall in Guangxi province around Wednesday of next week.

Three people in Guangxi province were killed Saturday when their homes collapsed amid heavy rain from Typhoon Nesat. Five highways were cut off by flooding and cave-ins.


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